Chambers is a bookend tackle for the Matadors

Last season, Arizona Western boasted one of the best tackle tandems in the country on offense. One signed with Southern Mississippi in February, but the other still has one more year to play and in the 2011 recruiting class, OT Korian Chambers (6-5, 350) promises to be one of the most sought-after JUCO prospects in the nation…

Chambers was a standout prep in Tennessee, but was unable to qualify for a D-1 scholarship, so he decided a change of pace was in order and heading to the desert was just the answer.

"I needed a change, to see a different part of the world," Chambers told "The weather is so different here, but it's good. Coach (Tim) Minnick has a goods staff here and I just felt like they could get me ready for the next level."

Last season, Chambers along with Jason Weaver to form the top tackle-tandem in the country and this year Chambers promises to be one of the top tackles in the country, both for his size as well as his athleticism.

"I think the last time I ran the 40 it was a 4.9," Chambers said. "I think I'm probably about that right now, but I have run it in about a year so we'll see how I test.

"Coaches have always told me my size and my footwork are things they like about me and schools have been telling me they like me a lot."

Three schools have already put their "money where their mouth is" so to speak by offering early.

"New Mexico, San Diego State and Oklahoma State have all offered me and Oklahoma is on me pretty tough too," Chambers said. "I don't want to make a quick decision, but I'd like to make it before my season is over.

"I'll just be patient and wait things out and then I'll take a couple of visits during the season and compare things and then I'll decide.

"Playing for a winning program is probably my top thing. I don't want to play for no one who loses a lot. I also want a nice tight-knit family so I can feel comfortable with them and they can feel comfortable with me."

Chambers is on pace to graduate in December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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