Injury won't hold Nassau's Demhasaj back

Injuries are a harsh fact-of-life when you play football and unfortunately for Nassau OT Zenel Demhasaj (6-6, 315) it became a reality when he tore the ACL in his left knee on the first day of spring practice. However, he's remaining positive and said after he redshirts this season, he'll have three years to play three with whoever wants to sign him in December...

"It was the worst thing that's ever happened to me playing football," Demhasaj told recently. "I was just pulling and I landed wrong on it and I tore it, so I was obviously done with football this year.

"I'm disappointed by it because I wanted to have a big year, but the good thing is that I have my redshirt season available still and I'll be able to do that and then sign this December with three years to play three."

Demhasaj hadn't heard from a lot of schools before he injured his knee, but some schools have made inquiries and one could be close to offering even though he won't be playing this fall.

"Cincinnati called my coach and was talking to him and said they wanted to offer me," Demhasaj said. "My coach was like 'that's great, but I have to tell you what happened to him' and so he told them about my injury.

"I think they still might be intrested in me, but I think they probably want to see how things turn out with my injury and stuff like that.

"Temple and Florida International also have talked to me, but they haven't offered or anything yet."

Demsahaj said, after speaking with his doctors and getting all of the insurance figured out, that he will likely get his surgery in the next two weeks and then he'll begin rehabbing shortly after that.

"I just want everyone to know that I'll be working hard to get back and be 100%," Demhasaj said.

The talented New York native has the ideal size, speed and athleticism to be effective at either left or right tackle so expect more schools to come after him even though he won't be playing this season.

We'll continue to check in with Demhasaj throughout the rest of the year and update news as it happens with him.

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