Early recruiting attention for top JUCO OT

He doesn't have any offers yet, but it's just a matter of time before CCSF OT David Garness (6-6, 290) starts to see them flooding his mailbox. The talented offensive line prospect was dominating as a freshman and this fall he hopes to build on that success with an even better sophomore season...

Not a lot of top football prospects hail from Alaska, so, after graduating from Bartlett High School in Anchorage, Garness walked on at Hawaii.

"I walked on there, but I really wanted the chance to get a D-1 scholarship because I felt like I could play at the highest level," Garness told JCFootball.com recently. "City was just the right fit for me. The coaches are great and I really thought I had a chance to get a lot of attention if I had a good couple of years."

That attention has definitely come as schools from across the country have indicated that he is one of their top targets and he credits a lot of the early attention to his friend and former teammate Ryan Clanton who signed with Oregon last December.

"Ryan brought a lot of schools here to look at him and I feel like that is a big reason why I'm getting so many schools looking at me early," Garness admitted. "He also helped me have a big season because he was there just to calm me down and he coached me up a lot.

"I feel like he should get credit for a lot of my success and what I've been able to do because he was a real mentor for me out on the field last year."

As a freshman, Garness manned what is known in the Ram offense as the "speed tackle" spot and he earned All-Conference honors with his play.

"'Speed tackle' is hard to explain, but basically it means you're on the open side," Garness said. "You're constantly dealing with the speed guys on the outside who rush the quarterback and you basically aren't covered up by the tight end most of the time.

"We run a lot of spread and 'Gun' so my job is to make sure I seal off that side and also make sure I keep guys off the quarterback."

With his prototypical size and athleticism, Garness also has outstanding strength, posting a 370 pound max on the bench press and that combination has made schools stand up and take notice.

"Schools came by all during spring ball to watch us," Garness said. "Probably the five recruiting me the hardest right now are New Mexico and USC and then Louisville and Tulsa and New Mexico State.

"USC actually told me I'm their number one JC offensive line target this year and Louisville seems like they could be real close to offering. A bunch of schools actually seem like they could be close, but none have offered yet."

Garness also noted that Auburn, Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Texas Tech, Wyoming and Penn State have also made contact and came to watch him as well.

Garness was a full-qualifier out of high school so he can leave at any time, but he expects to return to CCSF this fall and then sign with a school in December. Wherever he ends up he'll have three years to play two once he steps on campus.

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