Souza shows patience in recruiting process

One of the top JUCO offensive tackle prospects in the state of California this year is Sierra's Nick Souza (6-6, 300). He's athletic and has the ability to play either the right or the left side of the line. spoke to the talented prospect recently and he talked about how recruiting is coming along...

Souza prepped at Nevada Union (Grass Valley, Ca.) High School and got some heavy interest from schools like San Jose State, but things just didn't pan out.

"I had been to Sierra games when I was in high school, so I was pretty familiar with their program," Souza told "My friend's dad actually went to Sierra and played there and told me about the program a little bit and I really liked the competition level and how the coaches here are all about working hard and competing all the time."

As a freshman last fall, Souza played left tackle for the Wolverines and allowed only one sack. This year, he's already slotted to move to the right side, but it isn't because he can't handle things on the open side.

"Last year our quarterback was right handed, but this year we're going to have a left handed quarterback," Souza said. "The coaches want me on the blind-side and they moved me there in the spring.

"I made the switch pretty easily, so I don't think there is much of a difference for me."

While he's an athletic prospect with the quick feet and athleticism necessary to be an outstanding pass-blocker, Souza admits he's got work to do as a run-blocker.

"It's not that I'm bad at it, but it's definitely an area I'm working on," Souza said. "I had some trouble getting to linebackers, so I'm working on my footwork and my technique and getting quicker this summer, so I can do that better."

Recruiting has been steady for Souza, although he is unaware of which schools are most interested.

"My coaches have been getting a lot of calls I guess, but they aren't really talking to me about it much right now," Souza said. "I guess San Jose State is still pretty interested in me and a few other schools, but my coaches want me to keep working hard and they said they'll let me know when it's time to know."

Souza is on pace to graduate in December and he'll have three years to play two following the completion of the 2010 football season.

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