Team Preview: Blinn College

Once again we take a look at some of the top JUCO programs in the country and their top prospects. First up is Blinn College who annually has some of the top JC recruits in the nation. This year, most of their talent lies on the defensive side of the ball, but don't sleep on who they have at the skill positions on offense either...

Blinn defensive line coach Keith Browning broke down the roster for us recently and he said while he's got plenty of talented defensive recruits, the offense also has some players to keep an eye on...

QB Justin Tuggle "We had a great QB here last year in Cameron Newton and we continue that with a kid who is probably quicker than Cam was in Justin. He runs a 3.98 shuttle and he runs a 4.5/4.6 forty time, so he's fast.

"He's a great athlete. We like him a lot. He's got a really strong arm, so we're excited to get him. He signed with Boston College in 2008 and played the first three games there last year and decided he needed a change of scenery.

"He'll definitely be a top recruit once coaches get a look at him this fall. He had a handful of offers out of high school, so he's going to be a top guy for us this year."

C Sean Robertson "Sean is undersized for a center, but the kid can absolutely get it done. He started every game for us last year. He's going to get some offers when people see how technically sound he is and how strong he is, but I think some people want to see him a little more this fall."

WR Darrin Moore "We were excited to get Darrin as a bounce-back from UTEP. He needed a change of scenery and had some off-field issues that have been resolved. He's a great football player and he's got a chance to be big-time, just because of his size and his athleticism."

WR Shaun Rutherford "Shaun is an incredible athlete and he can do it all. We have him at wide receiver, but when he was in high school he for over 3,000 yards at Bay City (Tx.). He could play quarterback at a school, but he'd be fighting against the stereotype of short quarterbacks and we wanted to get his playmaking ability on the field, so we put him at wideout and he was really good for us out there.

"He played some quarterback for us too last year, but receiver is where he'll play at the next level and he can do a lot of things – play out of the slot, play outside and he'll be a great punt and kick returner as well."

DT Jeremy Williams "We're very fortunate to have four interior linemen who are top-level talents. Jeremy is a three-technique that we think can be very special. He's about 6'1", 290 pounds and he's really physical and plays with good leverage."

DT Kevin Lowery – "He signed with Arkansas out of Gainesville (Fl.) High School, but wasn't able to qualify. He's a special player who we really think can be a top recruit when it's all said and done."

NG LaMarc Strahan "He's the second-cousin of Michael Strahan, so he comes from some great bloodlines. He redshirted last year and will be a highly recruited kid. He runs a 5.1 forty at 6'4", 345 pounds and benches 450 pounds and squats 680 pounds. The kid is just a freak of nature athletically and he can play ball."

NG Dominique Smith "Dominique is already getting a lot of early interest from schools like UCF, Tennessee and Kansas State and a few other schools. He's strong and uses his leverage well. He's talented and will be a difference-maker for us up front."

DE/LB Terrance Blake "We've had a guy at Terrance's position the past couple years lead the conference in sacks and he'll be next in line to do that. He's very talented and very quick. He could play defensive end or linebacker, it really just depends on what the coaches that recruit him need him to do.

"He'll have a breakout season this fall and a lot of teams will get in on him just because of his instincts and athleticism."

DE Kevin Brice "He's a really strong kid, someone we rely on to hold strong against the run. He's got the ability to play on either side, but he'll be our strongside defensive end this year."

OLB Dextrell Simmons "Dextrell was an All-American as a freshman and we expect him to be just as good this fall as well. He's starting at the SAM (strongside linebacker position), but he could play almost anywhere. In our defense, he's almost a safety because we ask him to play over the tight end and he's expected to drop into coverage and come up and play the run as well.

"He's 5'11", 215 pounds and he's already got a bunch of schools looking at him including Baylor, Houston, Kansas State and Southern Miss and there are a bunch more. How well he plays this fall, and I'm sure he'll have another great season, will go a long way in getting him some offers."

MLB Princeton Jackson "To give you an idea of the type of athlete he is, he signed with Iowa State out of high school and he was also drafted by Washington in the 22nd round of the baseball draft. He can do it all and he's a real leader for us out there.

"He's giving up baseball and he's going to concentrate solely on football and I think that dedication will pay off in the end because a lot of schools will see what he can do on the football field and decide they need to have him on their team."

MLB Gadrian Muse "He's a real thumper for us inside. He's physical at the point of attack and he's got great instincts. He'll be a player to watch out for this year."

OLB Alex Elkins "Alex really came on at the end of the season for us last year and he had a great spring for us. I don't want to speak on it too early, but because he hasn't played a lot of football – he was a rugby player in high school – I think in the end he could be one of the highest recruited kids to come out of here.

"His upside is off the charts just because of his athleticism, his size, his speed and his effort. He just works so hard and he loves to play the game. He's a special, special kid and he's going to be a great player."

CB Kip Dailey "Kip is long and he's smart and he's a really physical cornerback. He'd be great as a bump-and-run guy or in a zone scheme. He's already hearing from schools like BYU, North Texas, TCU and Kansas State and I have a feeling he's going to get a lot more interest from schools as we move along this summer."

S Luke Anderson "He's a well-put-together kid. He just looks the part and he's really physical. We think he can be special for us back at safety, but I think he could play corner at the next level too just because of his 4.38 speed and his quickness."

Other Blinn players to keep an eye on: RB Tyree Robinson; FB Marcus Wilkins.

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