Mesa QB hearing from a handful of schools

After walking away from the game of football for a couple years, San Diego Mesa QB Kyle Christian (6-3, 215) decided he missed it too much and gave things another try. Now, after a few good showings as a freshman in 2009, the talented signal-caller has a handful of schools eying his talents and hopes that a big sophomore season will lead to some scholarship offers...

Christian graduated from Franklin High School in Baltimore, Md. and decided to step away from things, but a friend that works in the sports entertainment business thought that was a mistake.

"My friend works for ESPN and he got me in contact with Mark Clayton from the (Baltimore) Ravens," Christian told "When we talked (Clayton) said I shouldn't be out of football and that I have too much talent just to give it up, so I decided to give it another try."

When Christian began looking around, he decided to head out to Palomar, but the Comets were loaded at the quarterback position.

"Coach (Joe) Early and I talked and he said I had a couple of choices," Christian said. "Basically, I could redshirt because we had two really good quarterbacks on the roster already and I wasn't going to see playing time or I could go to a different school and he would help me find a place, so we looked around and he said going (to Mesa) could turn out to be a really good deal for me."

Once he enrolled he got to work and saw action in four games.

"Last year we had two really good running backs, so we mostly ran out of the 'I' and pro-sets," Christian said. "This year we're going to more of a spread, but we're also still under center a lot.

"My skills probably fit better in a spread because I can use my legs a little bit, but I like to throw it around and get down the field and put pressure on the defense any way that I can."

On the recruiting front, UCLA made some early contact, but it appears they have already found their JUCO quarterback in Darius Bell who enrolled there over the summer, but there are a couple of other schools still looking his way.

"Utah and Tulsa are probably the two recruiting me the most right now," Christian said. "I also had Syracuse, Kansas State and Bowling Green contact me in the spring.

"I'm open to going anywhere and playing in any system. I just want a chance to play ball at the next level."

This summer, Christian said he worked on his flexibility and arm strength and watched a lot of tape on three of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

"I've watched a lot of film on Tom Brady, Dew Brees and Peyton Manning and how they quarterback," Christian said. "You can learn a lot from watching them and the decisions they make and how calm they are when they play. That's what I want to be like."

Christian is on pace to finish up his AA degree in December and he'll have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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