SWFA Super Sniper Review

SWFA Super Sniper Review - High on Quality, Low on Cost

I have to say this is one of the first scope reviews I have done where I really don’t have a legitimate complaint. That’s not to say its perfect, just to say, when you weigh the features, test the reliability and spend some time using the scope you’re left with a very good product that has exceeded my personal expectations.

Let’s start with the 3-9X42 FFP Mil Dot reticle with Mil Adjusted Super Sniper. Shortly after receiving this scope from SWFA we started in with a military precision rifle class. On the first day during the zero process we identified a couple of scopes on the Mk 11 Mod 0 weapons system that were not working correctly. A pretty common occurrence and something we pretty much expect when doing a class of this time. The difference today was I had a Soldier that was fairly well experienced and we had option that was not his standard issue. I asked him about using the Super Sniper during the training and he was all for it. A short trip later to the 100 yard line and a comment of “way too easy” , and we were ready to roll with the Super Sniper.

Now, I’m not going to get into too much detail here, but I am going to say the scope performed flawlessly all week, and trust me this soldier worked hard everyday during the course. From your standard firing line tasks to the well known Rifles Only “Run & Guns” the Super Sniper never missed a beat. We shot day, night and noticed a difference between the Super Sniper and the issue optics, to the issued optic fell far short of the qualities of the Super Sniper despite being more than double the cost.

After the class ended I mounted the same 3-9X42 on my 16? GAP AR-10, and did an additional set of tests which you can see in the video.

10X42 HD

Next I mounted the SWFA Super Sniper 10X42 HD on my short light tactical rifle that is kept down at Rifles Only. This is a bare bones type tactical rifle that has become more of a loaner rifle than anything else.

The 10X42 HD is also a Mil Dot equipped scope with Mil adjusted Turrets. The first thing you notice on this scope is the parallax adjustment is in the rear where most would find the magnification ring, however this being a fixed power scope this ring is now used to adjust the focus downrange.

I like the 10X42 HD a lot, it’s accurate, durable and the HD glass really stands out especially when you consider the price tag of this scope. It clearly beats optics that are more than twice its price. It’s got a good eye relief and sight picture, which I find very important and when you remove the turret caps you can see the durability build inside. There are solid brass features underneath, with a stainless steel screw holding the turret caps on. Its not cheap, its not plastic, its a well build solid scope.

These two scopes are definitely on my buy list and for optics that both list under $1000 they are not only excellent but awesomely affordable in a robust package, well featured package.

SWFA did a great job revamping the line. For more information can also read this thread and see some member’s images from their own Super Sniper’s mounted.