Borka Tools 12 Torque Setting Driver

Sniper’s Hide was fortunate enough to get a hold of the new Borka Enterprises Multi Setting Torque Driver for review.

We have been using this tools for approximately 2 months now and we find it an excellent tool for the precision rifle shooter. Small, lightweight and comes in the settings important to us as precision rifle shooters. We reviewed the 12 setting model who’s inch pound values go from 15 inch pounds to 72 inch pounds which is perfect for everything from action screws to base and rings screws. Weighing under 6oz. the tools is highly compact and portable. In fact it will easily fit in your stock pack without even noticing it. A key feature to this tool is the fact there is no backlash when torquing. This is an excellent feature as it breaks clean at the desired weigh. Simple to use there are several models all under $100. In fact the Military / LE version we used with the values engraved in the blade retails for only $75. A bargain for one tool that will accomplish so much.

For those looking for more information here is the link to the Borka Tools Website They also have some videos on YouTube: