Review: SABER® Enhanced Factory Rifles

Christopher Hardee reviews the Ashbury Precision Ordnance SABER® Enhanced Factory Rifles.

In perhaps one of the more significant advancements of the bolt action rifle platform since the introduction of the 100+ year old Mauser bolt action rifle design with wooden “furniture”, Ashbury Precision Ordnance has to date been granted 15 USPTO utility and design patents on the advanced SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis system. The SABER® modular rifle chassis is a significant step forward in the realm of the “man-machine” interface for modern bolt action rifles. APO proudly introduces the SABER® Enhanced Factory Rifle (S.E.F.R.) that combines popular new factory barreled actions professionally installed in specially configured SABER® modular rifle chassis. These high performance “semi-custom” rifles packages are now available from the APO Armory.

Gone are the days when sportsmen and professional rifle marksmen had to purchase a commercially off the shelf rifle, and tolerate stock designs that simply did not fit the shooter. Traditional wood, fiberglass, alloy and composite rifle stocks that lack ergonomic adjustability cannot be readily changed by the user, require costly add-on’s and professional gunsmithing time to achieve optimal functionality and accuracy. The more demanding the rifle shooter, the more S.E.F.R. rifles deliver, in a moderately priced and completely user configurable and upgradeable modular rifle package!

The initial small caliber S.E.F.R. package being offered by APO is the Remington M700 SPS Tactical 20” .308Win AAC®-SD® featuring a factory 5/8×24 threaded muzzle, and 3.5lb tuned trigger in a SABER RSA-A3 MOD-0 with a folding hand tool adjustable (HTA) shoulder stock, ERGO Tactical hand grip, detachable 10rd box magazine and 20 MOA unitized monolithic rail for a retail price of $2,912.25. The very first of these customized and specially engraved SABER® -FORSST® modular rifle chassis S.E.F.R. rifles built by APO were donated in November 2012 at the International Sniper Competition to the Army Sniper Association to benefit the SSG Eric Caban Fallen Sniper Fund.

The soft shooting, hard hitting medium caliber S.E.F.R package being offered by APO is the powerful Savage 110BA in .338 Lapua Magnum featuring a heavy target 1-in-9” twist barrel, factory threaded muzzle and AAC Blackout muzzle brake, in a SABER SVL-A2 MOD-0 chassis with fully adjustable folding HTA shoulder stock, detachable 10rd CIP length box magazine, ERGO Tactical hand grip, and 30 MOA unitized monolithic rail for a retail price of $3,720.00.

S.E.F.R rifles are easily maintained, re-configurable and upgradable by the user. These typical 1MOA rifles, can also be ordered with an APO Precision Performance Package (<1/2MOA) and other unique SABER accessories! Keep an eye out for the eye-catching new SuperSport .223Rem model at the upcoming SHOT Show and a Savage short action chassis later in 2013!

“We have built S.E.F.R rifle packages around two very popular rifles on the market today”, says Morris Peterson president of Ashbury International Group Inc. “The .308 Remington SPS Tactical AAC®-SD® in the SABER chassis offers incredible versatility for hunters, competitors and law enforcement. The Savage 110 in .338 Lapua Magnum is a great value price point for the long range shooter.”

Sportsmen, hunters, practical rifle competitors, target shooters and law enforcement can now purchase semi-custom rifles in small and medium calibers “commercially off the shelf”. A wide range of SABER chassis accessories, complete rifle packages and long range shooting equipment are also available from Ashbury Precision Ordnance.>/p>

For more information about Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg., SABER®-FORSST® Modular Rifle Chassis systems or our precision long range shooting equipment line, please visit the APO Welcome section of our website. Also, please visit us at the 2013 SHOT Show in booth #26407 located in the Law Enforcement section of the exhibition.

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