Remington to sell Military Sniper-Used M24

Despite the long history and dedicated service of the M24 Sniper Weapon System, its end-of-service life has created an opportunity for the dedicated military collector and/or long range shooting enthusiast.

M24 25th Anniversary Sales Honor Military Veterans

Remington has begun to convert these surplus parts into nearly new rifles. Each rifle will have a new barrel, M24 action (marked with the original M24 designation and drilled and topped for the receiver mounted open sights), and trigger. Aside from these critical parts, all other system parts will be 100% serviceable surplus if at all possible (new parts may be substituted where needed). Additionally, Remington will retain the original Soldier-painted camouflage on those guns where it has been applied. Thus, these guns will be offered in an amazing spectrum of paint schemes from basic black to the most imaginative camouflage patterns available – created by the mind of a U.S. Army sniper. Purchasers will not be able to request a particular color-scheme when ordering their M24.

In celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this successful system, as well as the dedication and sacrifice of U.S. military snipers and military members over the last decade, Remington will be offering an exclusive military purchase program through 2012. Instructions for purchasing one of these M24s can be found at starting in mid-January 2012. Remington will initially limit sales of these complete systems to three distinct groups prioritized in the order below:

1. Military Snipers – Any current or former U.S. military sniper. All priority purchasers must provide a photocopy of a graduation certificate from a certified U.S. military sniper school (e.g. U.S. Army Sniper School, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, etc). This group is not required to have a current U.S. military affiliation.

2. Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Military Personnel – Any member of any service currently serving in the U.S. military. Must provide proof of military eligibility. Inactive Ready Reserve members are not eligible for a purchase in 2012.

3. Retired Military Personnel – Any retired military member of any service holding a retiree identification card, whether through time in service or medical retirement.

If demand from these three groups does not consume the available quantities by mid-summer, the systems will next be offered to Federal agents and then to State and local law enforcement officers.

System price will be $3,500 – about half the current Government price for a new system. Remington expects to offer less than 2,000 of these systems for sale over the next 2 years so supplies are limited. Delivery time may be up to 9 months from time of order as these rifles will be made on the same production line as XM2010s and FMS M24s and those orders take priority.

Remington is extremely proud to have played such a pivotal role in advancing the art of sniping in the U.S. military, and we hope our customers will aspire to own one of these living pieces of U.S. history. ”

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Remington Military Products Division

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