Review Predator Custom Shop Omega II

A few month ago Jim Ruiz from Predator Custom Shop sent me one of their Omega II 300WM Special Purpose Rifles for T&E.

It was my pleasure to be able to take the time and really put this rifle through it paces, as well as put it in the hands of some guys that are also intimately familiar with the 300WM platform and I have to say the rifle didn’t disappoint.

The specs of the rifle as tested are:


  • Remington long-action (s/nG6747046), blue-printed and trued, lugs lapped to within 80% contact. Sako style extractor is optional
  • Custom oversized bolt knob
  • 28? Schneider 1-8 twist 5P (polygonal) M40 barrel, Rock Creek 1-8 AMU barrel used for customers wanting conventional rifling
  • Match chambered in-house with custom reamer that we designed specifically for the 240 gr SMK bullet
  • Custom prototype indexable muzzlebrake, custom thread protector with wrench for NRA “F” class compliance
  • Oversized, surface-ground recoil lug
  • Factory trigger tuned to 2.75 lbs.
  • Action drilled and tapped for 8-40 hardware
  • Nightforce 20 moa 1 pc base
  • Armor Black “RHINOHIDE” ceramic coating on all metal
  • McRee Precision modular stock system featuring our Coyote Tan “RHINOHIDE” ceramic coating
  • A2 pistol grip with our exclusive “Nasty-Grip” grip texture
  • Versa-Pod Battle Pack bi-pod system

    ammunition specifications

    • Winchester brass
    • Federal GM215M primers
    • 240 gr. Sierra MatchKing (bc .711)
    • 76.5 H1000 powder
    • loaded to maximum magazine length
    • 2,800 fps measured 18 ft. from muzzle, 80 degrees Farhenheit, 86% relative humidity, 1,078 elevation.
    • Conclusions:

      Test the Omega II was really simple. The rifle is easy to shoot, as you can see in the video, the brake was very effective keeping the rifle on target and the 500 yard accuracy was first rate with both the custom load provided and with the Factory Mk 248 MOD 0. The proof was definitely in the shooting. I can highly recommend this rifle from Jim and the guys at Predator Custom Shop. The Omega II was a first rate rifle.

      Special Offer to Sniper’s Hide Members

      Speaking with Jim after the testing was over, he offered this rifle to be made available for purchase for a great price for any SH Members. The rifle can be bought for $2500. This is well worth the price and I would have to say if you are interested in a 300WM this is definitely one to buy. Contact Jim for more details.

      Predator Custom Shop 3550 Papermill Drive Knoxville, TN 37909 ph. (865) 521-0625 fax (865) 521-0624