Nightforce 2.5-10x 42mm Scope Review

Snipers Hide presents: Nightforce 2.5-10x 42 Scope Review

42mm Objective

This adds to the light transmission which is very important for the hunters out there. You get much better lowlight usage when compared to the 24mm version of the same scope. Also Nightforce has been quietly, but noticeability updating the coatings on the glass they use. This gives better contrast and ‘pop’ when compared to the older lines. It’s a much requested change and NF has been listening.


This is a great change the Nightforce line of scopes. Dual Color variable adjustment push button illumination. With options to use either green or red illumination, the user can set and adjust the illumination with the push of the button. Hold the button down, the reticle will flash and change from green to red, and then you can just push and adjust the brightness. Also the Whole Reticle is lit. In this class of scope this is an excellent option. One note in the Mil R reticle like we are using, the inverted T is not lit, just the reticle itself.

Parallax Adjustment

The 2.5-10x 42 now has parallax adjustment on top of the Digi-illum. So for those that wished the compact line had focus adjustment, now it does.

Zero Stops.

This scope also features zero stops, same as the NXS Line.

  • Weight : 20.5 OZ
  • Length : 11.9?
  • FOV :
  • 2.5x: 44 ft / 10x: 11 ft
  • 2.5x: 13.4m / 10x:3.4m
  • Eye Relief : 3.5? with a very generous eye box

I believe this scope will be retailing around $1900 but don’t quote me.

This is a Second Focal Plane Scope, but in the 2.5-10x range I don’t believe that is big issue. Especially for the hunter class who are used to shooting SFP scope.