SWFA SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope

Snipers Hide presents: SWFA SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope

Prototype / Pre-Production Model Review

Pre-Production Prototype 5-20x

Sniper’s Hide was lucky enough to be one of two people to receive the new SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope. This Mil based scope featured 10 mils per revolution, as well a 30mm main tube and 50mm Objective. Get a first look at this scope was awesome. I had heard about this being worked on, in fact it was roughly 2 years in the making, a testament to SWFA’s dedication to getting this scope right. Not that they have had any troubles, since updating the Super Sniper line, changing the name to SSHD, this version of the famed scope has been rock solid. For those not 100% familiar with the changes it started with the introduction of the 3-9x and the 10xHD. Both of these scopes have been solid performers for a lot of shooters out there. As outlined in the video, these are not to be confused with the Tasco line of scopes from which the original names was purchased. SWFA has done a lot to move away from the Tasco creating a completely new scope from the ground up to compete with any optic out there.

Here are some details of the SSHD 5-20x :

  • First Focal Plane Illuminated Mil-Quad
  • 30mm Main Tube
  • HD Model
  • Locking Ocular Adjustment
  • 0.1 Mrad Elevation & Windage
  • 10 Mils Per Revolution
  • 30 Mils Of Total Travel
  • Side Focus

First look Video of the prototype.

Production Model

Fast forward to a few weeks later. SWFA is ready to release the 5-20x SSHD on the public and it’s looking like Sniper’s Hide is going to be the launch vehicle. So after some negotiations, a deal is brought to the table that will give Sniper’s Hide members a huge discount on top of already moderately priced optic consider the features. Anticipating this release SWFA expedites a few production models so we can take a look at the final product.

Close up image of the battery cap changes

Above you can see the production model of the scope. Essentially it is the same as the Pre-Production Prototype we looked at, the main cosmetic difference being the battery cover.

The Final Video Review

3 rifles later, and a few hundreds rounds, we are ready to piece together the final video review of the SWFA SSHD 5-20x.

Summary of the SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope

After working this scope I have to say, I highly recommend it. It has a great eye box, which is essential for a tactical scope. Very forgiving eye relief, well suited for heavy and magnum caliber rifles. The glass is excellent thanks to the HD coatings, and it bright and crisp with enough color to satisfy the hardcore bay window reviewers out there. On the down side, I know a lot of people want a zero stop, however at 10 mils per revolution I fell it is some what unnecessary. I say some what because I know SWFA is paying attention, but I also know most people don’t need it. The horizontal reference lines work on both the windage and elevation, so you know, line 1 showing on zero, you are at your 100 yard zero and not a revolution off. Very few shooters who are buying this optic will be using much past 11.5 mils, which is more than enough to reach 1000 yards with most rifles. My one wish is for the magnification ring to have a small thumb rise to help turn the power easier, but again, at the retail price of $1500, this easily makes this scope a great buy for anyone looking to get a Front Focal Plane Mil based scope.

Reticle for the SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope


  • Eye box & Eye Relief
  • 10 Mils per Revolution
  • Glass Quality
  • Matching Turrets & Reticle
  • Size & Weight
  • Overall Quality
  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Price
  • Cons

      Magnification ring matches the eye piece so well it blends in.


    • Weight (oz): 31.39
    • Length (in): 14.65
    • Eye Relief (in): 4
    • Field of View @ 100yds (ft): 20.1 – 5.1
    • Parallax Setting (yds): 35 – infinity
    • W/E Click Adjustment: .1 MRAD
    • Elevation Adjustment Range: 30 mils (100+ MOA)

    SWFA SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope