The Mountain Shooter Sling

There are slings meant to be carrying straps, ones that are higher speed lower drag carrying straps, and there are slings designed to be shooting aids.

For long range precision rifles having a sling that can act as a shooting aid provides a great advantage especially if the shooter has to shoot from a position such as sitting, kneeling, or unsupported prone. There are a lot of good slings with fancy names, features, and catchy acronyms but the one I prefer is simply called the Mountain Shooter Sling. The Mountain Shooter Sling is the brain-child of Brock Markwell and from the start was meant to be a lightweight, simple, and effective sling that is just at home on a hunting rifle as it is on a heavy bolt gun.

The Mountain Shooter Sling was created because of an injury Brock sustained to his shoulder that didn’t allow him to properly use other types of shooting slings. The injury left Brock unable to move his arm over far enough to tighten the loop around his arm, hampering the sling’s effectiveness. Brock designed the Mountain Shooter Sling to combat this issue by automatically tightening around the arm as soon as the shooter gets into position. The Mountain Shooter Sling is as strong as it is simple since it is made from the same 1½”nylon webbing as other well regarded shooting slings with steel tri-glides to make for a strong, bomb-proof set up. The slings are available in OD, Coyote Tan, and Black with or without the sling mounting hardware. Even though Brock’s sling is relatively new to the sling market and as such is sometimes eyed with suspicion all doubts seem to quickly disappear as soon as a customer gets their hands on one. Of course what many don’t know is that the sling is actually manufactured for Brock by one of the best in the tactical nylon business right here in the good ole USA.

In my opinion what makes the Mountain Shooter Sling so great is that it is so simple, there are no buckles, no extra loops, or gobs of extra nylon to deal with just everything you need and nothing you don’t. It weighs less than a pound and when rolled up it’s more compact than just about any other shooting sling I’ve used so it will fit in nearly any accessory pouch.


As you’ll see in the video linked below, it’s very easy to sling up and get out of the Mountain Shooter Sling.

Slinging Up With The Mountain Shooter Sling

To my knowledge the only change to the sling since Brock started selling them several years ago is in the loop portion of the sling. In the first version of the sling the loop was allowed to slide all the way down the webbing to completely close the loop off. The newer versions have a small section of the webbing doubled over and sewn to create a stop to keep the loop partially open all the time. My older version doesn’t have this extra stop but that does nothing to take away from how good it works when I sling up.

Early version of the sling, which allows the loop to go all the way closed.

In the past while using the Mountain Shooter sling I’ve been able to clean the “Dance the Lindy” stage at the Allegheny Sniper Challenge by getting all five shots on target in a seated position. That stage involves the shooter engaging a 12” X 21” piece of steel at 400 yards from either a sitting or kneeling position. If that sounds easy, there’s usually a steady breeze that comes in over the trees from left to right to help make things a bit more challenging. At the same match I also nailed a couple “Midget” targets, approximately 9” X 12”, from a seated position at a tick over 300 and 400 yards using Brock’s sling as well. One of the those stages was done from a seated position on the side of a slippery hill while a steady “breeze” was blowing almost perfectly from right to left. When it comes to properly using a rifle sling practice does make perfect but I have to admit that the Mountain Shooter Sling made things a little easier for me.

As good as the sling is in use it’s also an incredible value with a Mountain Shooter Sling costing only $65 with the customer’s choice in hardware, which can be heavy duty flush cups, standard sling swivels, or HK Hooks. If the shooter doesn’t need any mounting hardware then a Mountain Shooter Sling will only set them back $40 including the shipping. The Mountain Shooter Sling is a great lightweight minimalist sling that will work great on any firearm with sling swivels, from rimfires to centerfires. While many shooters tend to go with a sling from one of the other big three in tactical rifle slings the Mountain Shooter Sling is equally deserving of consideration is it is easily on the same level as the others. It also does it without excess and at a price that means a shooter can equip every one of their rifles with one without much expense.

For more information or to order a sling or two use the following contact info:

Contact info:

Brock Markwell

(Sniper’s Hide Forum handle ”Mountain Shooter”)

190 Logans LN

Petersburg, WV 26847