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Sniper's Hide takes a look at Precision Rifle Solutions products.

In the realm of tactical precision rifle shooting most shots are not made with little to get in the way between the target and the shooter. In this imperfect world there are bound to be positions, obstacles, and terrain that will almost certainly get in the way of the perfect shot. However, Precision Rifle Solutions makes those imperfect shots a little more doable. Danel Jenkins, owner of PRS, knows a thing or two about precision rifle shooting and the needs of other shooters to have innovative and versatile equipment that doesn’t break the bank. Plenty of companies offer expensive tripods and shooting saddles, but many are simply out of the price range for most cops, soldiers, or the average joe. Precision Rifle Solutions solves that problem by offering tripod and shooting cradle combinations that the average person can actually afford and not feel bad about abusing. Like most of the things made by former Marines it seems his products are simple, robust, and backed by unwavering customer service.

Precision Rifle Solutions is probably best known for their high quality American made shooting saddles that come in two versions to fit just about any stock in existence. The SSP-1 is perfect for narrow forends like on the McMillan HTG stock and McRee chassis system while the SSP-2 is great for wider stocks like the Manners T4 or McMillan A5. The PRS saddles are made from aluminum with dense foam epoxied to it and covered with a tough Cordura nylon shell available in several colors from OD to Multicam. All PRS saddles are tapped for ¼-20 threads so that it can be mounted on most common camera tripods and quick detach plates. Where PRS really excels I think is by providing customers with a one of their proven saddles combined with a SLIK tripod in three different sizes. The SLIK tripods aren’t exactly top of the line but they are certainly sufficient at getting the job done in a compact, lightweight package. PRS offers three tripods, a low tripod for prone or bench work, a medium tripod that will work from prone to about kneeling, and a large tripod that will do everything from prone to standing. What I like about the SLIK tripods that are used is that they have a lot of really good features for not a lot of money such as ball action heads, quick detach plates, and independently adjustable legs on the medium and large tripods. The independently adjustable legs are very important for a tactical precision rifle shooter since it allows the tripod to better compensate for uneven terrain and also get lower to the ground when the center extension is removed.

SSP-2 and Large SLIK tripod in action.

However, PRS isn’t just about shooting cradles since they also offer a mounting platform for various optics that aren’t typically designed for tripod mounting. The beauty of this product is in its simplicity and the fact that it is almost truly universal in mounting anything from binoculars to laser rangefinders. Like the shooting saddles the base of the optics mounting platform is 6061 aluminum tapped with ¼-20 threads and a dense foam pad epoxied to it. A long Velcro strap helps hold optics in place while a loop of 550 cord offers the ability to hang accessories or the platform itself from a pack or vest. There are three anodized color options available (OD, FDE, and Black) for the optics mounting platform corresponding strap colors.

PRS has also started to offer their own, in-house quick release plates that simply blow the stock SLIK plates out of the water in almost every way. The PRS plates separate themselves in that they are also machined from 6061 aluminum versus the OEM quick release plate that is a rough casting. The PRS plates are anodized black with a rubber base pad, feature a longer thread length, and are taller in height compared to the SLIK plates. The added height of the PRS quick release plates gives the locking lever on the tripod more room to operate without rubbing the bottom of the saddle or optics mount.

PRS Quick Release Plate next to a OEM SLIK plate.

Before owning a SSP-2 saddle with the large SLIK tripod I went the route that many others had gone as well, the do-it-yourself route. I made my own shooting cradles from various materials that can be found at most well stocked hardware stores and used tripods that were barely adequate for a digital camera. They served their purpose though and eventually I upgraded to a Manfrotto tripod that allowed for a lot of adjustability but it had some downsides like its overall size and weight. My search for a lighter and more compact solution quickly led me to PRS and I haven’t regretted it a bit. At about 2 ½ pounds and barely 20” long when collapsed it’s easily strapped to the side of a pack and forgotten about. My PRS tripod combination is a constant companion when I go shooting and even on some occasions when I’m not shooting. The only changes I’ve made to it since receiving it is to scrap the foam pads on the upper legs and give the tripod a coyote brown finish to cover the original gray.

It was shortly after I received my PRS tripod and saddle that I went out to the private piece of property that I used to shoot on and tested it out from 200 yards to 735 yards in various positions. I completely removed the Harris bipod and only used the tripod for support in prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. After sending all of my ammo downrange I was impressed by the level of support the tripod provided and its versatility in being able to effortlessly go from prone to standing shooting positions. In the standing positions the light and compact tripod easily supported the weight of my 16lb rifle. The more that I use the tripod the more I find different ways for it to help get me into a stable position when the terrain simply doesn’t let me take a prone position. I often pack the tripod and cradle along to competitions for times when the Harris bipod on the rifle won’t allow enough elevation to get eyes on an uphill target. I’ve also found that in some positions like the kneeling and standing that wrapping the sling around a tripod leg goes a long way in helping to squeeze a little more stability out of the system. By using that technique I made a second round hit on a reduced size IPSC target at about 730 yards after watching a friend do the same with his PRS cradle. My experiences with the PRS tripod combination go well beyond using it for shooting though, a testament to the versatility and value of the product. When I had a spare Nightforce scope I would strap the scope itself to the shooting cradle and take it with me to do some ranging exercises around town without raising alarms. I was easy to use the ball action head to perfectly position the reticle on the various signs and other objects in order to get an accurate mil reading. Using the tripod and scope in this fashion let me practice those skills in more settings without the need for taking a rifle out. The tripod also works great for my chronograph because of its adjustability since my local range is practically on a hillside some other tripods simply don’t work.

I just recently received the Universal Optics Mount though and it’s quite possibly made the whole set up even more versatile than it already was. I had contacted Danel a while back about the LRF mounts that he sells and on his own dime sent me a Universal Optics Mount along with some of the new PRS quick release plates to use. As I mentioned before the LRF mount wreaks of quality through and through and fits right in with the other PRS products. So far I’ve only used it with my Leica 1200 CRF and Nikon binoculars but I can already tell that its potential is far reaching. When I had the Leica mounted up it was effortless to get accurate ranges on small objects that otherwise would’ve been difficult to get holding it free hand.

I nailed a speed limit sign at over 1270 yards and a house set back in the trees at over 1300 yards and while these are at the extremes of the LRF’s range it was impressive to say the least.

I’ve been impressed by all of the products I’ve used from Precision Rifle Solutions and the customer service is truly hard to beat. Even though there are similar products on the market, I’d say it’s difficult to match the total value that comes with getting the products from PRS. You get quality American made stuff that won’t break the bank or your back when you have to hump it all over God’s green Earth. I look forward to using all of the stuff that I have from Precision Rifle Solutions and encourage all shooters to check them out.

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