Hornady 178gr Range Report

Here is my range report using the Hornady Superformance™ 308 Win 178 gr BTHP Match.

**Range Report 178gr Hornady BTHP Match Superformance**

Over the weekend I acquired 2 cases of the Superformance 178gr Match ammunition, so I spent the morning checking the performance out of several rifles while I was here at Rifles Only.

The rifles used:

1. GAP Harbinger w/ 20.5? Rock Creek Barrel (less than 200 rounds through the barrel)

2. Sniper’s Hide Valkyrie (GAP Built) w/ 22? Bartlien Barrel (approximately 2000 rounds)

3. GAP AR10 w/16? Bartlein Barrel and AAC 7.62SD Suppressor. (approximately 3000 rounds)

Chronograph used was a CED M2 with infrared sensors set at 10ft from muzzle

Conditions for the morning:

Temp. 75
Baro. 30.05
Density Alt. 1000ft
Wind 3 to 5MPH from the Northwest

I established baseline velocities using M118LR out of each rifle for comparison.

Rifle #1 “The Harbinger”

Baseline MV 2635fps

- Hornady Average Muzzle Velocity: 2747fps

Cold Bore Shot #1 2756fps
Shot #2. 2745fps
Shot #3. 2742fps
Shot #4. 2750fps
Shot #5. 2743fps

ES: 14
SD: 4

Dope to 1000 yards:

300 yards: 1.2 Mils
400 yards: 2.0 Mils
500 yards: 3.0 Mils
600 yards: 4.1 Mils
700 yards: 5.2 Mils
800 yards: 6.7 Mils
900 yards: 7.8 Mils
1000 yards: 9.6 Mils

All verified to point of aim, point of impact with a minimum of 3 to 5 hits on target at each distance.

Average wind hold from 600 yards to 1000 yards with .3 Mils to .5 Mils

***Additional Velocities****

Sniper’s Hide Valkyrie

Baseline Velocity: 2701fps

Cold Bore Shot: 2744fps
Shot #2: 2753fps
Shot #3: 2766fps
Shot #4: 2776fps
Shot #5: 2764fps

Average Velocity: 2760fps
ES: 32
SD: 11

GAP AR10 w/ 16? Barrel

Baseline Velocity: 2550fps

Cold Bore Shot # 1 2591fps
Shot #2: 2582fps
Shot #3: 2591fps
Shot #4: 2585fps
Shot #5: 2583fps

Average Velocity: 2586fps
ES: 90
SD: 2

The AR10 jammed on the first round and each subsequent round walked pretty dramatic, so I stopped here with any further test of the AR10 platform.


Accuracy with both the Harbinger and the Valkyrie was outstanding, the rifles both have 1/10 twist barrels and the 100 yard accuracy during the chronographing was well below 1/2 Minute. I would say without trying this ammunition out of these rifles is easily a .1 Mils, 1/3? was easy. As stated the AR10 was not even close to acceptable.

Long range accuracy out of the Harbinger was also excellent, they hit where the rifle was pointed every time. I saw no vertical deviations downrange even at distance, despite a heavy mirage.

Its performance like this that reinforces my contention that a short barreled 308 is better choice for the tactical shooter. These number will bring rifles with 22? or shorter barrels into the land of, not only the handloader, but the land of the 26? + barrels performance. its a no brainer to use this stuff from an 18.5? barrel, or even the 20? as with the Harbinger. The difference between the 22? Valkyrie and the 20.5? Harbinger is 13fps, however you cannot discount the benefits a shorter barrel will give you during movement, or even positional shooting.

As we state in every class, rules of thumb and text written back in the late 60's and early 70's isn’t even close to valid today. We have such better bullets, barrels, and powders, it’s stuff like this that rewrites the way we look at long range shooting.

Press release:

Hornady® unveils the next generation of match ammunition – the Superformance™ 308 Win 178 gr BTHP Match. Achieving 2,775 feet per second from a SAAMI spec 24” test barrel, this new load is approximately 175 fps FASTER than any comparable commercial load available today! Topped with the NEW 178 gr BTHP Match bullet featuring a .530 ballistic coefficient, this Superformance™ offering provides industry leading ballistic performance.

“The new 178 grain BTHP Match bullet was purpose built, and optimized specifically for the 308 Winchester chamber. It features an aggressive ogive as well as an extremely efficient boat tail that makes this projectile highly effective aerodynamically, yield less wind drift and allows the shooter to obtain flatter trajectories. Accuracy results were excellent. We shot a .680? group at 200 yards with our test equipment, and field tests out to 1250 yards yielded 8 inch, not 8 MOA, but 8 inch total circumferential groups.” – Joe Thielen – Hornady Project Engineer

Remaining supersonic to approximately 1,275 yards, this new load provides a 200 to 250 yard advantage over anything else currently available in 308 Winchester. Because Hornady incorporates its Superformance™ technology, there is no increase in pressure, barrel wear or felt recoil. It also offers incredible temperature stability and excellent accuracy potential.

“When we combine this high B.C. match bullet with our Superformance™ propellants, the result is a completely new load specifically designed to maximize every aspect of the 308 Winchester.” – Dave Emary – Hornady Senior Ballistician

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Company is a family owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly manufacturing products that are “Made in the USA”, by over 300 employees, Hornady Manufacturing has become a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture.