Vickers Tactical Insane 2000m Shoot w/ AX338

Sniper's Hide with Vickers Tactical shooting the Accuracy International AX338 to 1 Mile & 2000m

Sniper's Hide traveled to Gunsite in AZ to take part in shooting the Accuracy International AX338 (PSR) with Larry Vickers for the Vickers Tactical Youtube channel.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon in time to zero the AX338 rifle. Initially we zeroed the rifle at 100 yards with 250gr Lapua Scenars. We also chonographed the rifle with the 300gr Lapua Scenars. The offset at 100 yards was roughly 2" from center between the 2 bullets. Once the rifle was zeroed, we reset the turrets on the Nightforce BEAST Scope. The BEAST was a Mil / Mil version with the Horus H59 reticle. As supplied the AX338 has a 30MOA angle built into the base, and the NF was mounted with a Spuhr Mount with a 0 MOA Cant. This gave the rifle 23 Mils of useable elevation to work with.

On Tuesday morning we arrived to Gunsite as early as possible. The winds were expected to increase exponentially so we were hoping to get this shoot in as soon as possible. By mid morning and into the rest of the week the weather was calling for winds in excess of 10MPH which would make for a difficult time shooting at ELR ranges. The plan was to first shoot the rifle at 1 Mile. Understand this was done stone cold, with no dope and no prep. We were completely relying on our ability to spot and correct based on our impacts. We did use a ballistic computer to get us as close as possible, but without Truing and with no dope, it was only going to be so close.

I set up on the rifle with Walt W of Gunsite behind me on the spotting scope. The conditions were good, but not perfect. We decided based on the weather to shoot the 300gr Scenars even though the rifle was zeroed for the 250gr Scenars. The wind was just tricky enough that we wanted to take advantage of the heavier bullet. For those who are interested, the 300gr Scenars Chronographed out of the AX338 at 2750fps which is a bit slow for my taste. To get the most out of the 300gr bullet at distance you want to have them going at least 2800fps or faster. Of Course, faster is better.

As it turns out, we had to adjust for both elevation and windage. The windage was tricky, but the elevation was every bit as important because the target at 1 Mile was only 16" X 24" in size, just shy of 1 MOA. A tough shot under the best conditions. Watch the video for exactly how we put shots on steel.

From there we went to 2000m and that target was only 18" Wide which again, in the changing winds was a tricky shot. For the 3 hits at 2000m we needed 3 different holds to account for the changes. Because the scope topped out at 23 MILS, I needed to hold over 7 MILS using the reticle. We needed 31 MILS of elevation to hit that 2000m Target. This video could have easily been edited to make us look like RockStars. That was not the idea. We wanted to shot just how these shots usually take place. The idea of One Shot, One Kill at ELR distances is not very practical. It takes great Spotting and solid fundamentals in order to have consistent at the target.

Thanks to Larry Vickers, Mile High Shooting Accessories, Walt, and Rich for letting us take part in this great opportunity