Introduction to Reading the Wind

The wind, on the range people describe the wind as the Great Equalizer. Next to your drop, drift from wind is the second most important consideration for the long range precision rifle shooter. Unlike drop, which is predictable, the wind is a constantly changing factor.

Introduction to Reading Wind

This video is from the Day One DVD. It's our introduction to ready the wind. The more we know about how the wind effects our shot, the better equipped will be to manage the wind changes and get our hits on target.

The take away from this video:

Wind is like water. It’s important to understand how terrain will effect the wind, how it will change the direction, velocity and consistency. It’s responsible for turbulence, it’s responsible for unseen changes that will throw our shot off.

Waves on the Ocean, like water, wind will Ebb & Flow just like waves crashing on the beach. We need to understand the frequency and velocity of each wave.

The Art Department vs the Science Department. I break the wind down into two segments, The science department which is wind at the shooter. Why do I call it the science department, because it is the only place along the bullet’s path where you read the wind to better than 1 MPH. A 1 MPH wind will blow a 175gr SMK 10” @ 1000 yards. So it’s important to dope the wind to finest degree possible.

The Art Department is everything else, it’s the wind downrange and we call it the Art Department because it is subjective. Each shooter will key on different things downrange thus reaching a different conclusion as to the call. All segments are important for different reasons, we need to understand how each location on the range effects the shot. Each have a pro & con.

Use your datebooks, the datebook is your bible, it’s one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.

This is just the beginning. Wind is a constant learning experience you never stop learning or refining your methods for engaging targets in the wind. The more you shoot, the better you’ll get — but have a plan. Just trying trial and error will get you there, but much less effectively.

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