In Depth with TAB GEAR Suppressor Covers

TAB GEAR is a family owned and operated company located in Texas. All the products are made in the USA.

TAB Gear has a been a mainstay of Sniper’s Hide for many years. I consider Tony & April Burkes personal friends. It’s their dedication to their customers, the product, and the services they provide that separate them from the others on the market.

I took the time over the summer to visit with TAB Gear and went in depth with Tony regarding each and every product in their catalog. Always evolving, the TAB Gear line of suppressor covers was one of the first to hit the market.

Why use a Suppressor Cover ?

With a precision rifle, accuracy is paramount. Using high magnification scopes, the mirage coming off your suppressor will make it nearly impossible to shoot accurately. So we use mirage covers. These covers have to be capable of withstanding very high temperatures so it’s more than just a cordura cover. They have heat resistant materials inside to block the heat and thus blocking the mirage.

There are a several brands on the market, and all do a great job so be sure you get the cover that fits your needs. TAB Gear offers several models to fit the end users needs. One note, until the new high heat ones are released, do not use them on 5.56 semi auto suppressors. The precision rifle covers do not work with semi autos of this kind. They will work on larger caliber semi autos, but not the rapidly shot 5.56 versions.

Sniper’s Hide will be releasing more videos with TAB Gear, but until then, enjoy. If you are interested in purchasing your TAB Gear products, check out Mile High Shooting Accessories