March 3-24x52mm Tactical Scope Review

March Tactical Scopes are quickly becoming one of the most popular scopes on the market today. We review the new March 3-24x 52mm, an upgrade over the previous 42mm objective sized model.

March 3–24x 52mm Tactical Scope Review

Sniper’s Hide spent several month with the March 3–24x Tactical Scope. This is the 52mm model as opposed to the previous model, which had a 42mm objective size.

Specifics from March Scopes about the Front Focal Plane 3–24x52mm Non-Illuminated Model.

• First Focal Plane (FFP) with 8x zoom ratio.  
The highest zoom ratio in the world. 
• 2 versions - Mil-rad or MOA types.
• The m-rad reticle and the MOA reticle scale 
remains constant value across the entire zoom range.
• M-rad version - 34 Mil Radian elevation range  
 17 Mil windage. One turn is 10 mil-rad. One click = .1 Mil
• MOA version - 120 moa elevation range  
60MOA windage range. One turn is 25MOA. One click is 1/4 moa 
• Side focus/parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. 
• 52mm front lens with Japanese Ed Glass. 
Up to 100mm long eye relief and 30mm main tube design.
• Tactical turrets with zero set facility. 
Zero set is inside elevation and cannot be changed. 
• Choice of illuminated or non illuminated 
glass etched reticles.
• Supplied with Sunshade, plastic lens covers
Tactical flip covers. (from April 2014)
• Reticles: FML and FML-1 for mil Radian models. 
FMA-1 and FMA-2 (only available in non illuminated model 
for the MOA models.

Methodology used by Sniper’s Hide

Sniper’s Hide does not rush out a review. We have had this scopes over 3 months and have put a minimum of 750 to 1000 rounds underneath this scope. We have mounted it on more than one rifle, including the now famous (thanks to Chris Kyle) GAP Gladius, and a second GAP Barreled Action that was dropped in a Drake Associates Hunter Stalker Chassis. When testing scopes we want to see how they operate in real world conditions as well as tall target testing them.

Tall Target Testing

When doing a Tall Target test we use two different methods, the Sniper’s Hide target which has a mil based scale on the side which can be shot. And we use a 4ft level to monitor and test tracking with the scope. We then used Field Firing Solutions from Lex Talus to check the click adjustments and travel. This is done by the computer and we test the scopes this way as many times as practical.

Gathering Data

When shooting with a new scopes such as the March, we start from the beginning as if it was our first time ever with the rifle. We gather dope as one normally would and that allows us to first establish a baseline, then we can see how well this is repeated with each range session. If we have different values for the same target over a period of months, we can look to see if it is a problem with the scope itself.

The Positives of the 3–24x

We thoroughly enjoyed using the March, it’s small, light and has a great sight picture for the shooter to use. We found the sweet spot of the scope’s magnification for US, was right around 20x. We feel the zero stop is super easy to set, in fact it’s probably the easiest out there. Overall we excellent results with the scope. We had the March Tactical out during a Trigger Time Training Class in August and allowed all the students to use the scope, and everyone was impressed with it. The majority of the work was done from an alternate position to highlight the improvement to eye box thanks to the new larger 52mm objective.

March scopes are highly coveted by FClass & BenchRest Shooters, with their entries into the tactical market we are seeing more and more people using them. They are rapidly gaining a reputation as a Tier One Optic.

The Negatives

We did find the parallax to be a bit sensitive. There is a very small throw when moving the parallax from 100 yard to infinity. While the scope will dial down to 10 yards, the difference between 10 yards and 100 is 5x longer than the distance between 100 and infinity. You can overcome this by lowering the magnification a bit, that seems to help open it up. But it’s not as intuitive to use as many others out there. Still it is a very good scope.

For more information about the March Scopes please go to:

For More Information Visit March Scopes's Website

Sniper’s Hide would like to thank Kelby’s for loaning this scope to us for this review. Kelly’s is your point of contact for everything March Scopes.