Speed vs Efficiency, Shooting A Semi Auto Pt2

It's not about how fast you can shoot, but how accurate you are. In this lesson will talk about the balance of speed vs efficiency when it comes to shooting a semi auto rifle.

When people think about shooting a semi auto rifle they automatically default to thinking about speed. However we want to look at it in the context of efficiency. The idea is not to start off going faster, but to recognize the efficiency in the system. The fact that the buffer spring will absorb a lot of the recoil, the fact you are not coming off the gun to run the bolt. and that you can stay married to the trigger using the trigger reset method of trigger manipulation.

At the same time we have to be realistic about the capabilities of the system. Especially when staring out. There is a lot of movement in the system and the entire rifle is plugged into the harmonics of the rifles. So any mistakes on the shooters part will be magnified with this type of set up. However if you work to execute perfect practice it will translate well to other rifle platforms more so than just practicing with a bolt gun.

The biggest difference is the trigger, along with follow through. These triggers are generally speaking much heavier than our bolt rifles, and will move you off target much easier. So we have to be engaged with our sight picture to see if the reticle is drifting off target when pressing the trigger. After that we have to be focused on our follow through.

You can be very accurate with a semi auto, but it takes understanding on how the system differs from other shooting platforms we are used too. Hopefully this lesson helps shed some light on that.


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