Vortex Optics Factory Tour - Glass Education

Glass Sourcing is often the most asked about question when it comes to a riflescope. People always want to know where is the glass from, despite not knowing anything about the chemical component of any given lens. Here we talk with Vortex Optics about Glass and more specifically, sourcing and why.

The subject of Glass always comes up when people talk riflescopes. They want to know the source, always, is it Schott, is it Japan or Hoya, who makes it and from where.

Watch the video for a short education on glass.

What they are really asking is part of an industry wide misconception, the idea that glass sourced from one place is noticeably superior to glass from another. The easiest way to debunk this is with camera lenses. While people in the Riflescope world want glass from Germany, the best pictures in the world and glass used in all the HD Cameras comes from Japan. Why is that, well here during our Vortex Factory tour we are looking to shed a little light on the subject.

Riflescopes are made of multiple elements, how they are spec’d AND assembled matters. Where it comes from not nearly as much. It’s about the coating, the design, the prescription created. The elements themselves are just a small part of it. Especially today.