Gear Review: Hunter Stalker Chassis

Lightweight, Versatile, Accurate, and most of all, Inexpensive. The Drake Associates exclusive Hunter Stalker Chassis will upgrade your factory Remington 700 or Savage 10/110 with both long and short action versions.

Drake Associates Stalker Hunter Chassis

Gear Review:

The Drake Associates Hunter Stalker Chassis is a drop in option for your Remington 700 and Savage 10/110 barreled actions. This is a lightweight, versatile solution for those looking to upgrade their factory or custom build rifles to a modular / chassis. Give your factory rifle the option of being magazine fed as well as making it better suited for the end user.

There are a lot of chassis on the market, the Hunter Stalker is one of the most affordable options out there. A stripped down chassis from MDT in the LSS configuration is $399 retail and the Exclusive options provided by Drake Associates start at $750. This is a bargain.

Available in several colors, both long actions and short action rifles can be fitted with the Hunter Stalker. This is a universal chassis, so it will work for both left hand and right hand actions

Drake Associates has an exclusive agreement with MDT for the production of a modified chassis system that has DRAKE design influenced features “For Snipers by Snipers” TM (pending)

Special Ergonomics features have been  added to the Drake Hunter Stalker LWSS (Light Weight Sniper System) Universal Chassis over original MDT LSS design as a very custom and exclusive product improvement 

1   Hunter Stalker LWSS Universal chassis is also available in both SHORT and 
LONG Action - Remington 700 and Savage 10/110
2   Hunter Stalker Raked Magwell for distinctive look and special function
 - quick changes with minimal movement of chassis - streamlined with tracking channel for insert of mag
3   Special Drake Military Division SNIPER logo engraving with Distinctive DRAKE 
- Bat wing TM design
4   CHASSIS is DELIVERED with one AICS Type Patterned magazine INCLUDED 
- so customer has this in hand when package arrives!
5   Special cuts around trigger guard to allow for correct fit of Ergo Grip that has 
finger groove ears above for index finger
6   Special and enhanced and "EXTENDED XL" forend giving a longer forend for use when shooting in alternate position 
or shooting off packs allowing for proper hand placement or more surface contact area (off pack)
7   Enlarged area forward of recoil lug for custom and enlarged OAL /  
DRAKE Quick Change Barrel (QCB) nut clearance
8   Exclusive Right hand Left Hand Chassis design (patent pending)
9   Additional holes in 3/9 oclock position for use with 6" Picitinny Rail assemblies that contain flush cup design
10  Optional 6 oclock position rail or bipod stud
11  Optional folder device/pivot for butt stock
12  Drake has selected the superior  FAB defense GL-Shock Buttstock 
as a standard upgrade over the traditional Magpul CT

      GL-Shock features:

• Reduces recoil and muzzle rise to allow faster, more accurate fire.
• 5 sling attachment points, including 2 QR attachment points.
• Storage compartment for batteries or parts.
• MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, steel hardware, rubber buttpad.
• Fits any weapon that accepts M-4/AR15 style stocks.
• Patented system reduces recoil and muzzle rise.
• Auto-tensioner for no-rattle fit on both mil-spec and commercial tubes!
• Comfortable rubber butt pad provides traction on body armor.
• Streamlined shape will not snag on gear.
• Cheek riser is adjustable for optimal height for optics. 
(NO ADDITIONAL Cheek pieces Need to be added)

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