SHOT SHOW Coverage Day 1, 6.5GUYS

Ed & Steve from the 6.5 Guys give us their video coverage of the 2015 SHOT SHOW. All the best companies are represented

2015 SHOT SHOW Video Coverage

We want to first thank Ed & Steve of the 6.5 Guys for covering the SHOT SHOW and sharing their video with Sniper’s Hide. It’s a huge undertaking to walk the miles of aisles and capture all this great footage.

Manners Composite Stocks

Tom Manners is a long time SH contributor and makes outstanding stocks for just about every rifle out there.

Nightforce Optics

This year NF released their new 4–16x FFP scope along with the much anticipated 5–25x F1 ATACR.

Tangent Theta

Tangent Theta has their new 3–15x and 5–25x being released this year. We have been waiting patiently for both of these scopes to hit the market.

ThunderBeast Arms Suppressors

ThunderBeast Arms, another Sniper’s Hide favorite is releasing several new model suppressors. The 7" Version is a must see to believe that I personally ordered prior to leaving SHOT.

Rifles Only

With their new line of FTW Nylon products, these are becoming increasing popular with the precision shooting crowd.

Precision Firearms

Awesome coverage by the 6.5 Guys Ed & Steve

US Optics

US Optics has been quietly revamping their scope line. Check out the latest as they work on moving beyond the precision rifle market.

Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics is poised to take over the precision rifle scope market. See why in this video.

Lowry Enterprise

GA Precision

GA Precision is releasing the new 3 Lug Tempest Action. They also had the American Sniper Gladius on hand. This was the actual rifle from the movie.

Elite Iron

Desert Tech

Left Hand SRS as well as the chassis and semi auto rifles.

David Tubb

New Trigger, New Ammo, David Tubb is always innovating

Ashbury Precision Ordnance

New Action, from Short to Long, including left hand models

Look for Part 2 of the 6.5 Guys SHOT SHOW Coverage here on Sniper’s Hide. Be sure to stop by their sites or see them on Facebook to thank them for providing such great coverage.