Intro to Drills

As the 2015 Shooting Season is starting, go to the range with a plan. Don't just fall in behind your rifle and throw rounds downrange. Have a training routine that helps you improve your shooting. Anyone can pull a trigger, being effective, improvement takes practice.

Introduction to Drills

Start the new shooting season off right, have a plan when you go to the range. While we may use shooting an recreational sport, we also want to improve and learn something while doing it. Rifle competitions are becoming more and more popular. It’s not hard to find some form of shooting competition in all 50 States, so I encourage you find a local match and participate.

There are a lot of free, downloadable targets online. Sniper’s Hide offers several versions to include the SH 100 Yard Challenge target. This 100 Yard Challenge is an ongoing postal type competition which can be found here:

Regardless of what type of competition you choose to shoot, follow a format for training. It’s important you work up your skills in a way that will enhance your competitive endeavor. If you interested in shooting F Class, be sure to simulate the entire course of fire. If you’re gonna be shooting a Tactical Competition like the 2015 Sniper’s Hide Cup, be sure you practice alternate positions.

As the weather breaks across the country, people will be hitting the ranges. If your range is limited by format and distance find a training routine that will support your range and what you are looking to accomplish. It maybe a 100 yard range that limits you too shooting off a bench only. That might lend you to shooting in a BenchRest format. No problem, just have a plan and stick to it.

Your only limitation is your imagination, so find the training routine that suits you, create the targets or download your favorite and go to work.

Sniper’s Hide Targets Available in the Forum Under Advanced Marksmanship