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Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter

Sniper's Hide has released it's second iBook, Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter. It is designed to help both new and experienced Shooters understand the wind better. The wind is the biggest factor next to gravity when it comes to long range precision rifle shooting, this book was designed to help break down some of the myths surrounding it.

Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter was written a few years ago and finally updated and added to the iBook Store.  Much of what was written is based on my personal experience shooting as well as from reading question in the Sniper's Hide forum.  The wind is one of most misunderstood elements of long range shooting.   My thinking was to break down information into something easily understood.

Many people out there when talking about the wind try to baffle the user with endless amount of math. They go deep into theory which really does not help the new user get started.  Often they repeat the same old formulas from the past, which are included but also I add in the limitations found with these formulas. Let's face it, none of us should be doing long hand math in the field.  So I provide a series of alternates to the old formulas and rule of thumb information being used.

Ballistic Calculators 

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Today, more and more people are using ballistic calculators. We have dedicated PDAs, we have iPhones and Androids which make the old formulas obsolete.  Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter talks about these ballistic calculators in plain easy to follow language. We demonstrate with graphs and screen shots the software out there and even recommend a few. 

Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter - Frank L Galli


A little prior proper planning goes a long way.  I show you some examples of charts that make wind adjustments easier than trying to remember rule of thumb data in the field.  Where to make them, what they look like, it's all included.

Early reviews 

All the early reviews have been very positive.  Here is one from the iTunes Store :

Customer Reviews
A great book for new Long Range Shooter
by ReddingRob
I've just recently started to get into long range and precision shooting. Spent a lot of time trying to learn about external ballistics, gear, etc. This book is a great introduction to the mysterious subject of wind. I really like the way he divided it into a Science and and Art section. A very worthwhile read. Videos and summary of ballistic calculators are nice also.

Interactive iBooks for the iPad and Mac Computers

Unfortunately right now Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter is only available for iPad and Mac users. These book was created specificaly with the ipad in mind because of the interactive nature of it. Videos are included which will not translate as easily to a static platform. This limits the reach but maintains the quality of the information.   Costing only $11.99 in the iBook Store and through iTunes, it's less than a box of ammo. 

Wind Reading Basics for the Tactical Shooter