2015 Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You

Here is the official 2015 Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Post. Please take the time to thank and support our sponsors during this event. A lot of effort goes into producing a match and most of it revolves around sponsor support. Drop them a note, give them a call, and please just say "thanks" for supporting the precision rifle community.

Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread
I just want to extend my thanks to all the competitors of the 2015 Sniper's Hide Cup. You guys gave us a safe and fun weekend. The weather was awful, and every time I made it around to check on the groups, you all had a smile on your faces. I appreciate the support and the effort to help us run a good match.??To Trigger Time Gun Club, again, our thanks for allowing us to use the T3 Ranch. The conditions were bad, the rain, the mud, and that was even before the match started. We fought weather for two weeks trying to set up the event and it was not easy. Marco, Zach, and Paul were Johnny on the spot with fixing targets, and keep the ranges in shape. I can't tell you how many bolts we broke, but the competitors shot a lot of bolts out this year. Their contribution goes beyond the range and the targets, so if you get a chance, call the Trigger Time Gun Club and say thanks, or email them a note. (303) 651-0816 email Zach@TriggerTimeGunClub.com (Zach@TriggerTimeGunClub.com)

Another Big Thanks goes to all the Range Officers. They worked their butts off. The conditions were terrible, I had one competitor tell me to check on an RO because they thought he was getting close to Hypothermia. It's much harder to sit in one place during those downpours than to move around. Please don't sweat the Monday morning Quarterbacks. You guys did an awesome job with very little prep. The weather delayed our set up and you guys were thrown into the mix on short notice because of it. Still you did the very best you could, no match works without Range Officers. We needed a minimum of 20 and looking back we really needed 40 in order to have this match work. You did it with less and you did better than expected. Once a match begins it's 100% on the Range Officers and how they pull it off. I cannot do anything but support them, there is no way for me to be in 20 places at once. The shooting portion of the match is a testament to your efforts.

A special thanks to Fred from Bison Tactical, he saved our butts with the Write in the Rain sheets he had printed up. Our original score sheets were not weather proof, and Fred brought us Write in the Rain ones which were the difference. Thanks Fred Personally @ https://www.bisontactical.com/ (https://www.bisontactical.com/)

Congrats to Jake Vibbert on his Big Win. He has been shooting very well this year and this win seals his place in the precision rifle shooting community.

Another Major Sponsor and Thank You goes to Mile High Shooting. Randy and Diann have been supporting the Cup in a big way for several years now. They sponsored the Vicker's Challenge Stage with the Accuracy International with Iron Sights. Tate Streater won that rifle. Mile High Shooting also sponsored the match T Shirts. There is so much that goes behind the scenes at these events and it is usually happening at or around Mile High Shooting. They accepted packages from the Shooters, they accepted the Prize rifles from the Sponsors like GAP, Proof Research & SI Defense, they coordinated with Accuracy International. TAB GEAR, SPUHR, the list goes on. So please reach out to Mile High and Say Thanks ! http://milehighshooting.com/ (http://milehighshooting.com/)1.877.871.9990

To Chad @ LongRifles Inc. The prize rifle yo created was unique, it was one of a kind, it was truly worthy to be called a Top Gun. For those who are reading this and did not attend, the Rifle Chad and his team @ LongRifles Inc put together was a work of passion. He could have easily built a regular rifle, and then engraved some metal but Chad took it to another level. http://www.longriflesinc.com/ (http://www.longriflesinc.com/) contact@longriflesinc.com

Win the LongRifles Trophy Rifle, Frank Parrish from ASP Development Supplied a Matching 6mm Suppressor from Asymmetric Product Development(530) 990-0153

We had some Top Tier Sponsors that I would like to thank, during the Match we gave away 7 rifles. We also had some big supporting sponsors which need recognition. These are in no particular order.

GA Precision - George Gardner as been the Sniper's Hide Cup since the very beginning and in a big way. He is the driving force behind Team GAP. Again this year George stepped up and provided a Custom GAP Templar rifle for the prize table. His contributions cannot be over stated. There are certain names that are constantly repeated in the Precision Rifle world, and GA Precision leads every list. http://www.gaprecision.net/ (http://www.gaprecision.net/)
1 816 221 1844

Proof Research - SI Defense: Proof Research and SI Defense not only provided an awesome Semi Auto 308 for the match, they matched with a version that was used during a stage. 236 Shooter each used this rifle and we fired about 1500 rounds through it under some pretty nasty conditions and it never let us down. Not only a good looking rifle, it was accurate, and effective. http://proofresearch.com/ (http://proofresearch.com/) (406) 756-9290
SI DEFENSE https://si-defense.com/ (https://si-defense.com/) 406-752-4253

Along with the SI DEFENSE Rifle, and the LongRifles Inc Prize rifle we had two optics companies step up and put scopes on the rifles.

US Optics - They supplied the optic on top of the LongRifles Inc prize rifle. So please step up and say thanks to US Optics for supplying that: http://www.usoptics.com/ (http://www.usoptics.com/) info@usoptics.com

Leupold Tactical - Leopold Provided the Optic on the SI-Defense / Proof Research Sponsored Rifles. We used a 1-6x Scope from Leopold that each competitor shot and again, zero issues. http://www.leupold.com/tactical/ (http://www.leupold.com/tactical/) 1-800-Leupold

DPMS, through the PRS DPMS provides a rifle to each match in the series. So thanks to DPMS for supporting the entire PRS Series events. http://www.dpmsinc.com/ (http://www.dpmsinc.com/) 1-800-578-3767

I have to give a special shout out to Tactical Supply http://www.tacticalsupplier.com/store/ (http://www.tacticalsupplier.com/store/) Chad Dixon told me there was a supply and in all the excitement and work up, I was completely blindsided by having another rifle on the table. They told me, but I some how missed exactly what they were doing, and this rifle was really, really nice. We gave it to shooter who shot the entire match but landed at the bottom of the score sheet. The Tactical Supply Mausingfield rifle was really nice. I appreciate their support and I apologize for spacing it out like I did. It will never happen again, but I will say it was a surprise. http://www.tacticalsupplier.com/store/index.html?categoryid=11 (http://www.tacticalsupplier.com/store/index.html?categoryid=11) 509.571.1449

Accuracy International is a long time Sniper's Hide Sponsor and new Shooting Team Sponsor and with the release of the new Accuracy International Rifles, the AT, AXMC, you are seeing them climb to the top of the shooter list very fast. Originally I believed Accuracy International was support the match with the AW rifle used in the Vicker's Challenge, but I quickly learned that they had a Brand New AT Rifle for the prize table. I cannot thank them enough, and if you would, please thank them. aina@accuracyinternational.us Check out their new website too http://www.accuracyinternational.com/index.html (http://www.accuracyinternational.com/index.html)

When it comes to rifles I want to give a special Shout out to Ted Karagais from American Rifle Company. We had two rifles on the prize table with Mausingfield Action used in their builds. American Rifle Company is making an awesome custom action, so check out his site and say thanks to Ted tedk@americanrifle.com (tedk@americanrifle.com)http://www.americanrifle.com/ (http://www.americanrifle.com/)

For Range Officers I want to Again Thank Some Sponsors who also worked as Range Officers:

John Huber - Huber Concepts trigger http://huberconcepts.com/ (http://huberconcepts.com/)
Kasey Beltz - B&T Industries - Accu-Shot - http://www.accu-shot.com/ (http://www.accu-shot.com/)
Fred - Bison Tactical
Dave Buick - Mile High Shooting Accessories
James Eagleman - Gunwerks -http://www.gunwerks.com/ (http://www.gunwerks.com/)
Kirk Roberts - RTAC http://www.rtacprecision.com/i.r.i.s..html

Stage Sponsors
I want to thank the following stage sponsors, they supported us with a stage sponsorship which is again, very important.

JC Steel - Jake Vibbert - I want to give a big thanks to JC Steel for setting up the entire Alpha Section. Not only did Jake win the event, he hauled thousands of pounds of steel across the country to be used at Alpha. As far as I know we didn't have a single issue with a piece of his steel. Everyone really enjoyed the JC Steel segment and I want to personally thank Jake for all the hard work setting it up. http://www.jcsteeltargets.com/ (http://www.jcsteeltargets.com/)

Big Dog Steel, Ryan Brandt of Big Dog is doing two things. He is making some outstanding steel targets, but also he is making the finest trophies in the shooting world today. If you run a match and you are reading this, Big Dog Steel Trophies are the best in the business hands down. With is targets, they were the closest of any and all we broke was a single spring on the head targets and Ryan is not in the spring business. His targets were all inside 500 yards and took a serious pounding. We broke T Posts before we broke any part of the target. http://www.bigdogsteel.com/index.html (http://www.bigdogsteel.com/index.html)

AA Targets, again with Steel, the majority of the steel at the match was supplied by AA Targets and Austin Angus. He is mainstay in the CO area and his targets are used by a lot of events. We fired about 58,000 rounds this weekend, and all that suffered was a few bolts. Guys were shooting bolts like they gave you extra points. Thanks to Austin for a great set of targets. http://aatargets.com/ (http://aatargets.com/)

In Motion Mover, Carl Taylor makes the In Motion Moving Target, and guys, I made a mistake with that. By allowing 2 minutes on the mover shooters were dumping mags at it. It was taking 3x the hits as normal and it never went down. We broke a T Post, the mover system never flinched. Thanks to IN MOTION TARGETS for a great moving target system. http://inmotiontargets.com/ (http://inmotiontargets.com/)

Trigger Time Gun Club - D-1 the Scaffold Stage. Trigger Time set up the scaffold and sponsored that stage which was a tall order. That was big, and it took them about 6 hours to assemble

Guardian Long Range - They sponsored C-4 the Long Range Shots over the ridge. Guardian is an non=profit that uses tactical matches to promote and support their cause.

http://www.guardianlongrange.com/ (http://www.guardianlongrange.com/) They were also supported by Ashbury Precision Ordnance.
Ashbury Precision Ordnance supplied a Chassis to the winner of the Guardian Stage. http://www.ashburyprecisionordnance.com/ (http://www.ashburyprecisionordnance.com/)The winner received a Saber Forrest Chassis

The USMC Scout Sniper Association / US Tactical Supply / Shadow Tech. The USMC SS/A supported E-1, the Loophole Stage. Their stage was in honor of Sgt Robinson. The winner of this stage was awarded a USMC Sniper knife from Strider as well US Tactical Supply and Shadow Tech supplied a Hog Saddle and tripod
http://www.hogsaddle.com/ (http://www.hogsaddle.com/)
http://ustacticalsupply.com/ (http://ustacticalsupply.com/)
http://usmcscoutsniper.org/ (http://usmcscoutsniper.org/)

Tactical Works from Colorado also sponsored a stage, they were present on Demo Day, http://www.tacticalworks.com/ (http://www.tacticalworks.com/)They sell parts and accessories for the long range shooter including stocks and chassis for your rifles. You can also find the Karsten Cheek Pieces there on their website.
http://www.tacticalworks.com/ (http://www.tacticalworks.com/)

Magpul Industries was a Tier One sponsor at the match. Magpul as we know is based in Erie Colorado and not only did they send Caylen to shoot the match, they gave us a giant box of swag for the competitors. So please support both Magpul and Magpul Core Training.
https://www.magpul.com/ (https://www.magpul.com/)
http://www.magpulcore.com/ (http://www.magpulcore.com/)

For those who do not know, Magpul just release stocks and magazines for precision rifles, so if you want Magpul quality and design with your precision rifle check it out.
Mile High Shooting Accuracy - E-2 The Vicker's Challenge with the AW Rifle. This Iron Sight Challenge was fun and I want to again thank Mile High Shooting for putting it together. Also Fiocchi Ammo supplied all the ammo for the stage.
http://www.fiocchiusa.com (http://www.fiocchiusa.com/)

The sponsor list is in no particular order, and if you find you name was accidentally missed, please contact me to add you to the list. I was not present for the opening of every box. We are happy to edit and adjust if necessary.

Applied Ballistics - Bryan Litz
Area 419 - Jon Addis
Accuracy International
Ashbury Precision Industries
American Rifle Company
Armageddon Gear - Tom Fuller
Asymmetric Product Development Suppressors
Berger Bullets
BenchMade Knives
Bartlein Barrels
Bison Tactical
Big Dog Steel ?B&T Industries
Badger Ordnance
Christensen Arms
Copper Creek Ammo
Custom Gun Coatings
Defiance Actions
Desert Tech
Etymotic EB15 LE
Fioccho Ammo
GA Precision
Griffon Industries
GDI Mounts
Guardian Long Range
Hornady Ammo
Huber Concepts - Huber Triggers
JC Steel
Kahles Optics
Kelby's Atlas Actions
Krieger Barrels
LongRifles Inc
Leupold Optics
Nielsen Keller - Kestrel Weather Meters
Kestrel D3 Drop Unit
Magpul Industries
Mil Dot Master - LouAnn Robinson
Manners Composite Stocks
Mile High Shooting
Nightforce Scopes
Patriot Valley Arms
Proof Research Barrels
OTM Tactical
Rifles Only - FTW Slings
RTAC - Robert Tactical
KMW Terry Cross - Sentinel Stock
Strider Knives
Seekins Precision
SI- Defense
Smith & Wesson
S&B Optics
Swarovski Optics
Spuhr Mounts
Tactical Works
Tactical Supply
US Tactical Supply
US Optics
USMC Scout Sniper Association
Wilson Combat
Vortex Optics

Kyle Miller and XLR Chassis System 

Jered Joplin and APA (American Patriot Arms ) 

Old Breed Gun Club and their Veteran Supported Sponsorship

Thanks too to Burris and Steiner Optics for the hospitality on Sunday 

I have to give a another special shout out to Scott Parks and Vortex Optics. They supplied 10 Spotters for the event, and then gave us 2 Vortex Razor HDs for the Range Officers to win. On top of that they provided over $10,000 worth of optics for the prize table. That was a huge Step Up for Vortex Optics and I am very grateful for their support
Again if you put something on the table I am missing, some hand carried prizes to match, please let me know I will add it.