Sniper's Hide

Proper Firing Hand Grip

Demonstrating the Proper Firing Hand Grip with a Precision Rifle.

Sniper's Hide Online Training 

in the course of our travels, we see a lot of different techniques employed when it comes to using the firing hand with a precision Rifle. Not all those techniques are successful and it is mainly an issues of the shooter copying what they saw from somewhere else.  This can have negative results if the information is not used properly or more importantly understood.

We try to demonstrate the fundamentals of marksmanship in the traditional sense that it should work for everyone regardless of equipment or body type.  Shooting is a long standing game of Telephone, with much of the information being passed on from shooter to shooter. During this game, the information is morphed into something less effective because each person adds their own spin to the defintion.  Here we try to strip that away.