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Online Training Lesson, Proper Grip

The firing hand has two purpose, one, is to press the trigger straight back to the rear. The second purpose of the firing hand is to hold the rifle into the shoulder pocket. Having the proper grip on the rifle with the firing hand is a key element to good shooting.

Sniper's Hide Online Training Lesson -- Proper Grip 

Along with recoil management we have to look at our grip. The firing hand also controls how the rifle will recoil and a loose grip will have negative effects from a consistency perspecitive and recoil management one. 

Sniper's Hide

There is a certain precision rifle video out there, where the shooters are demonstrating a finger stand off grip. While this grip is a great way to demonstate what "Straight back to the rear" looks like. It's a very limited use grip. One of the issues, you need more pad of the finger on the stock. And second, you need to increase pressure to the rear on the stock to hold it in place.  Recoil will follow the least path of resistence so having a weak grip will give it an avenue to exploit. 

First you must hold the rifle into the shoulder pocket, then you load the bipod. Many feel the rearward action will unload the bipod, well yes, if you load it first and pull back second. But if you hold it into the shoudler pocket, you can then successfully load the bipod.

This lessons is based off what we observe during our precision rifle training. We do a fundamental's evaluation prior to teaching, and during that evaluation we see all sorts of interesting techniques. 

Try to keep the wrist as straight as possible and off the ground. Remember there is no position lower than prone, so you do not have to get "as low as possible" once in the prone position.  Just rest naturally and attempt to keep the wrist straight. 

Recoil management tells the rifle barrel where it will be when it releases the shot.  A consistent proper recoil managment technique gives the shooter a better zero, and maintains consistency from shot to shot.