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Sniper's Hide Five Shot Friday Ep 1

Welcome to Five Shot Friday, the latest from Sniper's Hide giving you a quick rundown on our week in precision rifle shooting

Sniper's Hide Five Shot Friday Episode 1 

Welcome to Sniper's Hide newest series, Five Shot Friday. Each week we will bring a short rundown of what is happening in Sniper's Hide world of Precision Rifle Shooting.  Short recaps of events, training, reviews, and a bit of humor. 

if you want something featured on Five Shot Friday, head over to our forum and drop us a note. 

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We entertain all sort of questions, requests, same as we do with the online training. 

Alaska Lesson Article 

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Operation Bigfoot -- Lessons Learned, Proper Grip 

LabRadar Reivew 

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Link to LabRadar Review 

The Mausingfield 

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Here is a link to the Mausingfield Discussion in the Forum 

Mausingfield Thread 

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