Sniper's Hide

Online Training, Modified Positions

Using Trekking Poles, and demonstrating a position when the support is too low for the sitting position and too high for the prone position

Sniper's Hide Online Training Lesson - Modified Alternate Positions 

Once the shooter has moved from the prone position, so a supported alternate position the key fundamental to focus on is natural point of aim.

In the prone we can get away with a lot. The heavy rifle, the front and rear support, it all lends to better accuracy despite the shooter's errors in the fundamentals of marksmanship. An Alternate Position will exploit these errors causing a higher number of misses. So, we address the positions in a way that supports the rifle to the best of our ability, as well focus on Recoil Management and then test and confirm our Natural Point of Aim.

In most cases the shooter will have some sort of day pack with them, I recommend using that pack to support the rear of the rifle as well, when possible support the firing elbow. This will increase stability and help with managing the recoil. 

Trekking Poles, 

The trekking pole portion of the video can also apply to shooting sticks. they are very similar in design and in technique.  So pay close attention if you intend on employing shooting sticks. 

As always if you have any questions about anything you see in the online training lessons you can ask them in the forum.  

Double Kneeling Position 

The double kneeling position is a good way to get above the prone position and still be lower than sitting.  The shooter can bring the over very far and that helps them establish support for the elbows. I find this position very stable and a good compromise when faced with a support platform that is too low for sitting and too high for prone. 

As long as you supporting the rear of the rifle you'll find this is just as stable as prone. There is no wrong answer when it comes to, what to use for support. I used a rolled up TAB GEAR Shooting Mat, you can use a Pack, Pillow, or a combination of anything available.