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Sniper's Hide Reviews "Fix it Sticks"

It's important for the precision rifle shooter to have the right tools to take care of their rifle. Even in the field, but we don't want to haul around too much equipment. Fix It Sticks are from the Bicycle Industry and now have a great option for the Precision Rifle Shooter. Small, Lightweight, feature Torque Limiters that are useful for us, the Precision Rifle Shooter.

"Fix It Sticks" with 65 Inch Pound & 25 Inch Pound Torque Limiters 

It was out of the blue Sniper's Hide received a call from a company called "Fix it Sticks" ? Now I had never heard of them, but after hearing what they were up too, I was intriqued to say the least.  Precision rifle shooters love options, and what they were proposing was another option that fell right into our wheel house.  Small, lightweight tools that included a set of torque limiters in the most popular inch pounds.  I have to see this... 

Sniper's Hide

As an instuctor, I find it important that each student who comes to my class have the rifle tools for their rifle and scope.  It's not uncommon to find odd sizes necessary to adjust something, or for them to have a weird torque value for their scope rings, action or chassis.  So having another option is a good thing. Especially something so small and light. 

In the video I compare the Fix it Sticks to the Seekonk Torque Limiting T Handles.  The one show is fixed at 25 inch pounds and weighs about a pound by itself.  The Fix It Stick Option, with everything, T Handles, 2 torque limits at 65 & 25 weighs 1/2 as much and is much smaller.  Since these were designed for bicyle riders, they weight savings is there. They understand weight savings. 

I find these super handy, easy to pack and wildly successful as an option for the precision rifle shooter.  

I dont' have any details on availability yet, but I am so looking forward to seeing more of these on the line.  I don't have details on the Torque Limiters yet, but for the handles, the Spec's as listed on their website, the receplaceables as they call them are: 

Includes 8 interchangeable bits (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex, Torx 25, Phillips #2)
Accepts any standard ¼" bit
All steel construction
Neodymium magnets hold the bits securely in place
Maximum torque: 54 Nm
Weight: 118 grams

Fix it sticks can be found at their Website:  FIX IT STICKS