Online Training Lesson Trekking Poles

Shooting from an Alternate Position is a necessary skill for the tactical precision rifle shooter. In this excerpt from our Premium Online Training, we look at shoot off Trekking Poles, and shooting from a position that to too high for prone and too low for sitting.

Shooting from an Alternate Position, Trekking Poles Plus 

Shooting from Alternate Positions should be the mainstay of your precision rifle training. 

In this lesson, taken from the full lesson found in the Online Training Section of the Forum, we look at shooting off Trekking Poles and Shooting from a position that is too high for the prone and too low for the sitting.

The key to these alternate positions is gonna be the shooter's Natural Point of Aim. By testing and ensuring your NPA is right, the hit becomes very easy.  Also you want to support the back of the rifle if possible. In many cases a pack or something being carried by the shooter like the mat used in the video can be used to support the rear of the rifle. This helps with stability.  Then try to support to the firing elbow.  These simple steps can be the keys to success for an alternate position shot.

All these shots were taken at 500 yards on a relatively small plate. Even with a 8MPH success is commonplace. 

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