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Sniper's Hide Five Shot Friday Ep.2

Check out another Video installment of 5 Shot Friday and find out what is happening in the week that was Sniper's Hide.

Watch Five Shot Friday 

In this edition, we take a quick look at the upcoming Wilson Combat Recon 308 Review. Sniper's Hide has been shooting the Recon 308 for several months and will be releasing our review of the rifle. 

Wilson Combat Recon 308 

We put the rifle through the paces, and made sure it was up to task shooting it from 100 to 1125 yards.  All I can say is you dont' want to miss the review of this bad boy.

Introducing Nylon Gear from Italy 

We also look at Some outstanding Nylon Gear from FrogPro.It 


I was really impressed when I opened the package. The craftsmanship on these pouches and nylon is top notch. I would have sworn this was a big company with a team of people sewing it. When I found it was one guy, my jaw hit the ground. This stuff is that good.


They will ship all over the world, and it's very easy to get here in the US.  Check out there website: FrogPro.it 

High Quality Gear 

FrogPro.it remember that name you'll see it again ! 

Online Training Lessons 

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