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5 Shot Friday Ep3 Proof Research

See what Sniper's Hide has been doing for the last week, Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels, and the Scope Humbler -- watch it now !

5 Shot Friday Episode 3 - Proof Research 

This week Sniper's Hide traveled to Proof Reseach in Columbia Falls MT for a factory tour and live fire demo of their rifles and barrels. We go behind the scenes and get in depth with their company.  Lots of discussion when it comes to carbon fiber technology and the gun world. So looking at it from the inside will us show the reader what they can expect.

Sniper's Hide

In the forums we have Member "Killswitch" with his scope humbler.  The discussion regarding scope tracking is going strong.

Thread in Forum 

Up to 10 pages of discussion with over 37,500 views, you don't want to miss this ! 

More great discussions going on in the SH Forum !