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Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep 4

Lefty Accuracy International AT, with a surprise update to the bolt, plus the Trigger Tech new Remington 700 drop in trigger

Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Episode 4 - Accuracy International Left handed AT & Trigger Tech Trigger 

Sniper's Hide stopped by Mile High Shooting Accessories, a distributor for Accuracy International Rifles to check out the newly shipped Lefty AI AT. 

There is a clue in this image above.  For more details contact Mile High Shooting Accessories at 303-255-9999

Be sure to check out there brand new website too ! 

Trigger Tech New Remington 700 Drop in Trigger 

There is a new drop in 700 trigger on the market from Trigger Tech out of Canada.  These have a frictionless design which gives you zero creep.  I have shot these triggers in the Prairie GunWorks Coyote Rifles and now will try it in a Remington 700.

Trigger Tech Website 

These are super affordable too .. only $89.99 

Scout Scope Videos 

Finally Check out the Scout Scope Spotlight Video from PRS Shooters at the Sniper's Hide Cup 

To see the Scout Scope Videos, which feature over 30 shooters, and their equipment, hit the video link above in the navigation and go to Scout Scope !