The Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 CM

Thanks to groups like the Precision Rifle Series, and the Missouri Steel Tactical Series, we are seeing a growth in Precision Rifle Competition. Ruger has recognized this segment and has introduced a full featured, entry level rifle that exceeds all expectations.

Ruger Precision Rifle 

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Sniper’s Hide was fortunate enough to attend a very special event at the FTW Ranch in Texas. During this quietly held outing we were treated to the new Ruger Precision Rifle.  Treated is the optimal word here, because, wow, Ruger has something here with their venture into the cross over world of Tactical / Competition precision rifles.  

Generally reserved for custom rifles, the Ruger Precision Rifle meets all the criteria, except for one, price.  This is a full featured, precision rifle with an entry level price tag. More on that number later. 

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Over several days we shot this rifle on the FTW Ranch under a variety of conditions one might see. For the most part, the ranges were relatively short, 700 yards and in, but on the last day we stretched the rifle’s range to just about 1 Mile.  Now, was it designed for this, no, but as an American Rifleman, we did it because we can. Of course accuracy fell away when we approached a mile, it was only a 6.5CM, but we still did it.  At 1000 yards and in, this rifle shines.  The Hammer Forged Ruger barrel is definitely accurate, and comes threaded. 

I was aware of this rifle even before it was announced. One of the lead Ruger Engineers is after all Sniper’s Hide member. So he wanted to make sure he was hitting all the marks so early in the process he came out to Colorado for a visit.  I was impressed then and I was even more impressed when I was able to put hands on the preproduction models. 

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During the writers event Ruger brought out Hornady to supply factory 6.5 Creedmoor ammo.  In my mind, 6.5CM is the new 308. It’s the best out of the box ammo on the market and I can prove it. Not only in terms of cost, but in accuracy.  Take a look for yourself: 

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Sure, these are only 3 shot groups, but that was the drill, however there are multiple groups with each one getting better and better.  It shows this rifle has huge potential. I also brought this rifle back to Colorado and continued to shoot it for accuracy. It never disappointed. 

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At distance, it’s easy to say, this rifle performs, in the video we have a 1/2 MOA Group at 850 yards on steel. The muzzle velocity with factory 140gr AMAX is 2810fps out of this rifle. 

Let’s face it, getting into the precision rifle sport is not cheap.  Most custom or high end production rifles start at $3000 to $4000 and the costs only go up from there. Scopes are also climbing, you can spend $6k for a high end optic.  During the event Ruger had all the rifles topped with a Burris XTR II.  In my mind, this entry level optic gives the end user everything they could want without the $3500 price tag. A perfect fit for this rifle. 

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One of our goals here at Sniper’s Hide is to introduce and entice new shooters into the sport. We want to see more Precision Rifle Events associated to groups like the Precision Rifle Series, or even the Missouri Steel (MOST) Tactical Series.  Until now in order to be competitive, you need to spend a lot of  money, let’s face it, an SPS in 308 is not gonna get you notice. But a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5CM just might keep you competitive.  Pair it with something like a Burris or even Vortex PST and you can be in the game for under $2500.  That is huge. 

The feature list of this rifle is huge, I could probably write 1800 words and still not explain everything packed into this rifle. But suffice to say, it’s customizable.  If you wanted to change the stock, use any AR15 capable stock, Magpul PRS, no problem. Want to change the fore-end, same thing, you can add any AR15 fore-end. It has a barrel nut making it that much easier.  The only feature you cannot change is the trigger. It’s designed for ultimate safety. It has the trigger shoe safety like a Savage, plus it combines with a mechanical, 45 degree AR15 style safety. That way you can switch it from left to right. 

The Action is a Steel, 3 lug, 60 degree bolt throw. It has a unique mounting style, which you have to see to understand properly, and again, that is 1800 words alone. It feeds flawlessly and here is the kicker, from just about any mag out there.  You can use an SR25 mag, AICS, M1A, M14, they all work and feed without any modification to the mag well.  Magazines can be another big expense, being able to use the cheaper Magpul mags is great option. Having the ability to use AICS makes you more compatible with others. 

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Sure it's a 3 Shot group, but it's with factory ammo, off a bipod, and each time it just go better. 

Ruger Precision Rifle Features and Specifications:


• Bolt-action Precision Rifle based on the Ruger American Rifle with easily manipulated, 70-degree bolt lift featuring dual cocking cams and smooth-running, large-diameter bolt body

• Inline recoil path manages recoil directly from the rear of receiver to the buttstock, not through a traditional bedding system, providing the very best accuracy potential

• “Upper” receiver and one-piece bolt are precision CNC-machined from pre-hardened (minimizes distortion) 4140 Chrome/Moly alloy steel

• “Lower” magazine well halves are precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, type III hard-coat anodized

• Multi-Magazine Interface functions interchangeably with M110/SR25/DPMS/Magpul and AICS magazines; supplied with two 10-round Magpul PMags

• Highly accurate cold hammer forged 4140 Chrome/Moly  barrel with Ruger 5R Rifling at minimum bore and grove dimensions, minimum-headspace and centralized chamber; 

•  Medium contour (.75” at the muzzle) barrel features 5/8-24 threads and thread protector installed.

• Barrels can be easily replaced by a competent gunsmith using AR-style wrenches and headspace gauges

• Ruger Marksman trigger is externally adjustable, pull weight range is 2.25 to 5.0 pounds; wrench is stored in the bolt shroud

• Left - folding stock hinge accepts any AR-style stock; supplied with fully adjustable Ruger Precision MSR stock with soft rubber butt pad and bottom Picatinny rail

• Customizable ergonomics: May be configured with any AR-style grip, rail and selector;   

• Supplied with extended trigger-reach AR-style grip, Samson Evolution Keymod rail, and 45-degree reversible selector

• 20 MOA Picatinny rail secured with four #8-40 screws for increased long-range elevation capabilities.

• Oversized bolt handle for positive bolt manipulation, with 5/16” x 24 thread for easy replacement; disassembly tool stored in the bolt shroud for easy striker channel cleaning

• Magazine well front is contoured for a positive grip or bracing against shooting supports

Model Numbers and Specifications: 

(Model/Caliber/Weight/Barrel Length/Twist/Overall Length: Folded, Extended Min,  Extended Max)

18001 / 308 Win / 20” / 9.7 lbs / 1:10 / 30.6”, 38.25”, 41.75”

18005 / 6.5 Creedmoor / 10.6 lbs / 24” / 1:8 / 34.6”, 42.25”, 45.75”

18010 / 243 Win / 11 lbs /26”/ 1:7.7 / 36.6”, 44.25”, 47.75”

Height 7.3” (Grip bottom to Picatinny rail top)

Width 3.3” (Receiver to bolt handle)

Length of Pull:  Adjustable 12”-15.5”

Comb height range: .75”; comb fore-aft position can be adjusted by up to 3.5” (depending upon stock position)

Removable oversized (.900” diameter) bolt handle with 5/16”-24 thread

Seven Patents pending:

• Universal magazine latch mechanism.  Allows both a side catch and rear catch to be operated with the same interface.  

• Bolt body configured for universal magazine use

• Dual barrel nut and handguard interface

• Folding buttstock latch with rotatable, folded lock position

• Dual acting stock cam levers and adjustment method Dual acting stock

• Two patents on the trigger and safety assembly and installation methods

MSRP will be $1399 and the street price of this beauty will be right around $1100.  How do you beat that I ask you ? 

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This is the entry level precision rifle that can put you in the mix of any precision rifle competition held anywhere in the US for under $2500 with scope.  What is your excuse now ?  Thanks to groups like the Precision Rifle Series, tactical style, precision rifle matches are one of the biggest growing segments of the sport.  Ruger sees that and responded in kind with an outstanding rifle.  

The rifle is available now, so check your local Ruger Dealer. 

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