Face Off - AI AX vs Ruger Precision Rifle

See the Ruger Precision Rifle Face Off against an Accuracy International AX in a Mad Minute Duel at 450 Yards.

Accuracy International AX vs Ruger Precision Rifle 

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We have a 20 page thread about the Ruger Precision Rifle in the Sniper’s Hide Forum. On every page someone is asking for more validation the merits of this $999 rifle.  

The Accuracy International AX is as proven commodity, it’s my go to rifle for pretty much everything.  People there too ask about using one in Tactical Rifle Competitions.  Myself and Others use this rifle to great success. 

By putting my preferred rifle against this new offering from Ruger I am hoping to answer the, “Show me” voices out there. 


At 450 yards I have placed a 12” steel plate. I have cameras on me and on the steel to show that I am not playing fast and loose with the video.  Seems to be a lot of video investigators on on the internet, so hopefully, there is no question as to the validity of this small demonstration. 


Both the Ruger Precision Rifle and Accuracy International AX are chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I am using Factory Hornady Ammo for the same case for each.  The round being shot is the 140gr AMAX. 

Both rifles are suppressed and both rifles have Atlas Bipods and will use the same rear bag. 

I used 2 - 10 round magazines for each rifle. I did have a 25 Round PMAG but choose not to use it. 

The target is 450 yards away, and as noted in the video we have winds gusting anywhere from 10 to 18 MPHs out on the Front Range of Colorado today.  So my job is to not only hit the target as fast as possible, but to also manage the conditions.


A video is going around shooting a competition in Europe that has shooters with bolt action rifles engaging a 15CM Target at 200m as fast as they can in 1 minute.  My goal is to do the same thing at twice the distance on a 30CM plate. So 411 meters on a 30CM plate in 1 minute.

I am acting as my own time keeper, so from an Open Bolt positions I will start the Timer, and then close the bolt and engage the target until the timer runs out. 


The results were: 

AI AX : 19 Shots fired (I did not load 20, my mistake, but don’t think I would have got to #20 anyway) 

19 Hits on Target

That is about one shot every 3 seconds 

Ruger Precision Rifle : 14 Shots fired, 14 hits on target.

That is about one shot every 4 seconds

What I learned, my reloads with the Ruger were a bit slow. The magazine well, while not super tight, is tight enough to hold onto the magazine requiring me to strip it.  


Sniper's Hide

For those looking to get into competitive tactical shooting, like a PRS Event, there is absolutely no excuse.  This rifle will allow you to be competitive, the only thing that would hold a person back is themselves.

The more this rifle is shot, the more impressive it is.  Would I trade my Accuracy International for one, well, odd question, but no.  However for those on a budget I would recommend the Ruger in a heartbeat.

A constant source of criticism I get is in regards to cost. They see me using a $7000 rifle, with a $3500+ scope, and a $280 bipod and say, all that is too expensive. Okay, here is the answer to that… Ruger Precision Rifle. 

It maybe a bit unfair, it may have a lot more to do with me, it maybe a total waste of time and ammo, but trust me, every day people are asking Product A or Product B, and I hate making comparisons. But this time… just for you shooters out there. 

I was faster and I believe a bit more accurate with the Accuracy International AX.  How much is that worth is totally up to you the viewer.