Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday ep 7

See the complete online training video, gathering dope from 200 to 1000 yards

Gathering Dope for shots at distance, plus shots at different locations 

For this 5 Shot video we are looking at getting our dope from 200 yards to 1000 yards +. 

Here is a Sniper''s Hide lessons that demonstrates establishing our dope from 200 yards to 1000 yards. 

The key is zeroing our rifle at 100 yards, recording our data in terms of enviromentals, then noting our data from 200 to 1000 yards.

We want to get solid data to use with our ballistics software, this video shows you the process. 

Remember the software is just a starting point until the dope is established.  So record your datat to use with the computer.

This lessons starts you from the beginning to the end result.