Alaska Precision Rifle 2

Interested in learning how to shoot a precision rifle. Take a look at some of the highlights from our Alaska Precision Rifle 2

Precision Rifle shooting is a growin segment of the industry. It's a thinking man's game requiring the shooter to adjust for both drop and drift as well as executing the fundamentals of marksmanship.   Every month we teach people from all over the United States to successfully shoot a precision rifle.  

Check out the highlights from our latest class here. 

These were returning students from the June Precision Rifle 1 Class.  They were continuing their training moving from the basics to Alternate Positions as well as engaging unknown distance targets. 

The class begins with a powerpoint presesntation that reviews the fundamentals of marksmanship.  Different with this class is, our fundamental review starts off with a live fire exercise grading the students on a Unknown Distance Shot.  It starts the day off immediately with a humbling experience.   From there its a few short hours in the classroom and then right to the range for the rest of the weekend.

Slings, Tripods, Hog / Pig Saddles, we go through a variety of precision rifle shooting scenerios.  The guys really enjoyed it and it was great to see all the new rifles like the Ruger Precision Rifle.

During the June Class we had a mix of hunting rifles, with very few tactical style rifles. This time it was the complete opposite.  It's a testament of the commitment of the students.  They are really serious about it up here. 

I want to thank Marc Taylor from Wiggy's Alaska in Anchorage. He was my STA Platoon Sgt back in the day. He set up the class and was my CO-Instructor on the line along with help from Blair and Chet.  

Look for more highlights soon ...