Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Episode 8

Marine Scout Sniper Frank Galli walks you through using a ballistic computer in this edition of 5 Shot Friday.

This week we finished up our training class in Alaska, so here is an Online training Lesson regarding ballistic computers. 

Sniper's Hide

Ballistic Computers are a big part of what we do when it comes to Precision Rifle Training and Instruction.  Everyone has a Ballistic Computer on their Smartphone as well we have free resources on our Computer. That includes Applied Ballistics and their free software, as well as JBM Online with their product. 

So using real world information from a brand new rifle we walk you through the process and compare the results so you can see how they line up with our actual shooting.  

Sniper's Hide

This lesson is a must see if you plan on using a ballistic computer.  The process we use to gather our information is absolutely necessary to get it right. 

Sure you can get close, especially at relatively short ranges, but when you want to extend your range, and still get hits on targets using software, you want to see this. 

We include: 

Actual Drops on Targets

Chronograph Data from 47 shots taken at distance 

Atmospheric Data 

The we fill in the blanks with more than one piece of software so you can see what is happening.  The results speak for themselves. 

Sniper's Hide Online Training 

Sniper's Hide

Our Online Training are a subscription based service that is cheaper than a box of ammo each month.  You can subscribe to this by signing up for a Sniper's Hide Premium Account.  There you get access to all the videos and direct access to a private forum section to discuss precision rifle training without the noise of regular forum.   

Sniper's Hide started this service back in 2009 and it has been wildly successful, not just from our standpoint but from the shooter's side.  The feedback we get from members has been outstanding over the years and it keeps them coming back. 

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