18 Inch 6.5CM Rifle at 1125 Yards

18 Inch 6.5CM On Target at 1125 Yards using over 101 Inches of Wind Drift

Today we took out our Drake Associates Stalker Rifle to 1125 Yards. This rifle is built off a Remington Action, with a Krieger - Criterion Barrel and Cadex Chassis.  Using Factory Hornady 140gr AMAX Ammo, see how many hits on Steel we got. 

Drake Stalker Rifle 

We order our Drake Stalker a while back in 6.5CM. This deviants from their standard 308 offer, we also asked that the rifle was shortened to an 18 Inch Barrel.   The Specs on the Standard Drake Stalker Rifle are: 

STALKER 700 .308W TIER 1 SYSTEM Super Match Grade

Remington 700 Short Action

2 Lug Action

Accuracy Truing and 8-40 torx

Barrel .308W 26? M24E Profile Benchmark or Satern

1 in 10 Twist, 5R

Black Cerakote or Stainless Steel Bead Blast

5/8×24 Thread

Remington X-Mark Pro Adj. Trigger

3.5 lbs Trigger Pull Adjusted Wt.

Cadex Strike Dual 33 Chassis

Drake Upgraded Version (Colors – Blk, FDE, OD)

20 MOA Long Rail

4? 3,6,9 O’Clock Rail System

2? 3,6,9 O’Clock Secondary

AICS Mag Drag/Molle 42? Case (Colors – Blk, FDE, OD)

AAC Blackout 51T Muzzle Break, Surefire 7.62 Muzzle Break, or Drake 3 Port Removable Muzzle Break w/ Hex

So as you can see we devianted a bit from the standard rifle.  The idea was to a small, covert style 6.5CM in order to take advantage of the better ballistics of the caliber. 

 Prepping the Rifle 

First thing we had to do was zero the scope. I removed the S&B 4-16x due the single turn elevation with it's limited amount of travel. I needed a bit more elevation to reach 1125 yards.   After a quick zero, I then chronographed the rifle, just 5 rounds but enough to get a basic number.   From there I plugged the data into my Ballistics AE Program. 

Ballistics AE is one of my go to programs. It's accurate as any and it has a huge bullet library which makes it perfect for putting together a solution on the fly.  With data in hand we prepared the target at 1125 with a fresh coat of paint and set the GOPRO up. 

From this point it all about taking the shots.

Best of 10 Rounds 

At this point I am more interested in the best of 10 rounds on target at any given distance.  It's far too easy to edit video and make it look good.  So I shoot the video straight through, every shot and give you the best of 10, good, bad or ugly, there is no Creative Editing taking place.  Sure I present it so it's interesting but I am not making my shooting look or the conditions look better. 

What you see, is what you get !