First Look, SilencerCo Radius

SilencerCo Weapons' Research new Radius Weapon Mounted Laser Rangefinder ... get a first look at the new product coming out in Oct

SilencerCo is expanding to include the SilencerCo Weapons Research and is hitting the ground running with the new Radius. A weapon mounted Laser Range Finder 

Sniper's Hide

We are just finishing up the Maxim Vice Event here in Key West and we wanted to give you a preview.  Aside from releaseing several new suppressors, they broke out this unit which is similar to the Insight Rulr but a cost most everyone can afford.  This 1000 yard + Weapon Mounted Laser Rangefinder will be available in Oct and retail for less than $1000.  

We have to lot more to discuss, so don't miss the updates in the forum as they come in. 

The Maxim Vice event here in Key West FLA was a big event with a lot of new products, including the adaptive, Hybrid Suppressor. 

In case you missed it, here is the teaser for SilencerCo Weapons Research: 

This unit features an aluminum construction, visible laser that can be used to aim the device which has an externally adjustable windage and elevation knobs, and uses two CR123 batteries.  

Scanning Technology 

Sniper's Hide

A big feature with this unit is the scanning technology, you can use the remote activation switch to fire a single burst of the laser or hit is twice to set it to scan and it will range as you move around the target area.   No need to repeat when moving from target to target, just place the Co Located scope reticle on the target, and get your range.  

More details as I return from the trip, but expect Sniper's Hide to have one of these units for a full review. 

I think with the loss of the Vectronix line of laser rangefinders, this fills a much needed niche for the precision rifle shooter.