SilencerCO Maxim Vice Suppressor Event

Highlights from the SilencerCo Maxim Vice Release Event... see what new product were release from the company in Key West Florida this past week

I've been to a lot of media events over the years, but this one from SilencerCo was not only unique, it fit with what I know about the company.  When I got the call to head to Key West Florida I was a bit surprised, who ever heard of a live fire demo event in Key West ?  What ?   Where is the range was my first question and the answer was amazing, a boat 12 miles off in International Waters. 

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Count me in, didn't even know what products were going to be released, and if they were of interest to my readers, I just knew I was there. 

Let me say, this event did not disappior.  Not only were the products big, the whole experience was memorable. 

Teaser Trailer 

My only clue was the Teaser Trailer that SilencerCo put out.  I knew about the electro optical interest and with Tracking Point pretty much folding knew there was a hole to fille but did not know anything else but what the video showed. 

I was super psyched to see, the SWR Radius, this was the product people were looking for. 




If you want a comparison this is very similar to the Military's PSQ23 or Insight RULR. That is a $25,000 weapons mounted laser rangefinder. This unit will retail for less than $1000. That is huge for the precision rifle shooter, and long gun hunter.  It's also pretty sporty on an AR type rifle.   

Because you can change the orientation of the display, you can mount it in any position, left, right, or only top, and simply pull the modular display and change it to sit correct. This hot swappable port is very telling in where this unit might go.  And trust me, it's not the end, it's the beginning. For those looking for more features, all I will say is, "It's coming" this has upgrade, and forward thinking written all over it. 

My quick video update says a bit more : 

Here is the Radius white paper 


The scanning feature is really awesome for the competition shooter who needs to go from target to target quickly, hit the remote twice and let the unit range and scan.  Remember the visible laser is parallel aimed to the scope's reticle, so all you have to do is put the reticle on the target and read the range. 

I focus heavily on the SWR Radius because that is where Sniper's Hide Shines, but really the event had some great Suppressors released. 

The Hybrid 

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Every week I get asked about suppressors. Mostly it is people looking to get into them for the first time and they always have the same question, beyond which one. They want a suppressor that works across multiple platforms as they are not what they want to put it on, but at the same time they want to put it on everything. 

The Hybrid Solvest the problem as it is will go on pretty much everything.  It's billed as going on everything from .22LR to 458SOCOM, at Maxim Vice they had it on a 45-70 lever gun. 

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Here is your answer to putting that one suppressor on a variety of platforms.  The Hybrid 

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Nobody on the boat had hearing protection and honeslty you didn't need it. All these suppressors where super quiet and it didn't matter the platform.  Heck the wind was stronger and louder than the sound of the gun shots.

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So here is my answer to those looking for one suppressor to do it all, the SilencerCO Hybrid. 

Blade Runner Meets RoboCop 

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The Maxim 9 Integrally  Suppressed Pistols 

These are just cool as hell, and as of right now a continuing work in progress. It's about time we get a modern Integrallysuppressed pistol of this quality and caliber.
Really it was hard to tell if you were shooting the 9mm or the .22 caliber version. They were both a dream to shoot.  They were that smooth. 

Look for these to grown and develop into something really worth having.  

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Osprey Micro 

The SilencerCo Osprey Micro is a cool as hell concept, we are so used to having long pistol suppressors, this option is a long time coming. 

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Here is the white paper on this suppressor 


Great Can, super fun to shoot, and honestly I liked the shorter version a tick better.

Overall this was a huge event and something I thoroughly enjoyed.  SilencerCO is an impressive company with a lot to offer. Only are they setting the bar really high, they are making all this affordable. That was a key element no matter who you spoke to from the company. They wanted the average man to be able to afford this stuff. They didn't like the idea of unobtainium.  It shows.

Sniper's Hide will be reviewing the Radius in Detail so stand by for more details on that unit coming soon. 

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