Not So World Record Shot

I guess you missed in the Asterisks in the Title. Accuracy and Precision is the name of the game, you can have one, but we need to have both in order to classify shots as World Records. Watch the Video, if you agree, read on.

It's all about Accuracy and Precision.  That is the goal of the precision rifle shooter.  Lately there has been this rush to call shooting far a World Record.  Have we called Guiness ? 

Sniper's Hide

I have to admit, I got you with a bit of click bait.  This is no record, and it wasn't particularly very good shooting unless you put it in context of the conditions.  So here is a bit of back story on this shot.   

I originally planned on taking the Ruger Precision Rifle to 1787 yards. But it had rained all day yesterday, and the ground was wet. So being alone, spotting my shots at a mile was not happening.  I didn't have solid dope so I was going to need to adjust, and not seeing any splash, that was not happening.  So with my 18" 6.5CM in the car, I decided to address these "World Records" as there seems to be 2 posted every Monday morning. 

What is a World Record ? 

Okay, you got me, what are these records ? What is it they are trying to accomplish, Accuracy at Distance, Precision ?  Or just tagging the farthest target possible ? 

We all know we can shot past Transonic.  If Jerry M can shoot a handgun to 1000 yards, you can take your Hot Rod 408 or 375CT to 4000 yards. We all know it is possible as guys shoot past transonic all the time.  As long as you have the range and you have the adjust ment dialed into the system, the bullet will go that far.  So how about standardizing it for us so we know what we are looking at ? 

My Proposed Standard for calling it a World Record 

Guiness has a very stringent set of standards, and working with them might prove to be difficult, so let's police ourselves and decide on a standard for calling something a World Record. 

  1. Repeatibility - This is key, so I am proposing a Best out of 10 Shots. We need to score this because hitting 1 round after unlimited sighters is not accurate or precise. Getting lucky is not the same as being good.  
  2. First of the Day Attempt - Let's not walk them in, let's say, you have to drop down, load 10 and shooting them on command. Round 1 cannot be round 48 of the day.  If you practice on Saturday  you have to come back on Sunday to make the attempt at a record.  The 1st shot of the day should be the first shot for score.  There doesn't have to be a time limit, but the 10 shots have to be taken in a row. 
  3. Target Size - We need to spell out the target size.  1 MOA ?  2 MOA ? Doesn't matter what it is, we need to acknowledge it up front.
  4. Distance - How was it determined and was this distance verfied by more than one source. 
  5. Data - To include the information on the Rifle, Scope, Load, Atmospheric Information etc.  The more the better.  This data will help confirm the hits. 
  6. Witnesses vs Spotters - Did you shoot this on your own or did you have a spotter to walk you in on target ?  We need to know if you were giving help in the form of a Spotter. 

That is my proposal to standardize this so we don't have people wallking shots in on 12ft Square Plates after shooting for 4 hours.  Unlimited Sighters are not the answer because lucky and are accuracy are two different things. 

18" Stalker Rifle with Factory Hornady 

This was actually quite a pain in the neck today.  I was alone, the ground was wet, and I was using a NightForce 2.5-10x42 Scope which was not very good for spotting my own shots in order to correct. I need an average (I say average) of 2.5 Mils which at 1250 yards is about 112.5" inches of drift. Today due to the fronts in the area the wind was all over the place, so just when I thought I had it, the shot would go one way or the other. 

Pushing the Envelope 

Please don't take as an attack on guys pushing the envelope. I am all for it, which is why I want details.  The more information we have, the better armed we are to repeat the success.  It has to be about more the just floating giant rounds at distance. There should be a teaching moment involved, did you reload so well that you got your SD to super low single digits. Did you have to add a 60MOA base to your rifle in order to squeeze out every bit of elevation, what is your barrel length, velocity, etc.  Or did you grab something off the shelf and found it to be super accurate, and the bullet you used transitions so well going past transonic is a piece of cake.  What was the wind, elevation, etc.  We are all junkies when it comes to this stuff and applaud the guys trying it, but trust me when I say, people want more. 

Guys, go for it, but do us a favor and standardize your approach.