Sniper's Hide Attends the GAP GRIND

150 Shooters traveled to K&M Precision in Finger TN to attend the GAP Grind. This was my second year attending the GAP Grind, the premier Pro / Am event for the Precision Rifle Series

I want to thank George Gardner of GA Precision for again putting on the GAP Grind. 

150 Shooters traveled to K&M Precision in Finger Tennessee to engage in this three day event.  It's all about bringing new shooting to the sport. The GAP Grind is one of the best ways to do it. Let's face it, competition is intimidating, especially to a new shooter.  We can post all day to, "Just Do it" but taking that first step is tough.  The GAP Grind pairs a new shooter with a Pro Level shooter who helps them navigation a precision rifle competition. 

It's not what you think, tactical rifle competitions. It's fast pace, it's long distances. This is not laying in the prone and shooting a bullseye target. It's a scramble.  

On Day One, the shooters worked as a Team, each stage was 2 minutes and Pro was there the whole way to guide the amateur.  On Day two it was for PRS Points so that means an individual event. The Pro was up first to engage the targets, after which he rotates over to help the amateur.  The stage times are reduced to a more typical 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Pretty quick when you are finding multiple targets at multiple distances as far as 1000 yards away. 

My thanks to George Gardner and the GA Precision team, as well Shannon Kay and everyone at K&M Precision.  These events are not easy and it went off without a hitch.  The volunteers worked their butts off, and the entire competition field was open and available to all the new shooters. 

To the sponsors, again, thank you for donating to a first class event. It's much appreciated on so many levels. 

The list is long, but for me, special thanks to Bushnells for being a title sponsor, Manners Stocks, Bartlein Barrels, Copper Creek Cartridge, Defiance Actions, Nightforce, Accuracy International, Mile High Shooting, Applied Ballistics, Kestrel, US Optics, Berger Bullets, Hornady, MagnetoSpeed, TAB GEAR, Kahles, Kelby's. Accu Shot / B&T Industries, Cross Machine Tools, Patriot Valley, Seekins, Vortex Optics, Short Action Customs, SilencerCO, Armageddon Gear, and so many more. 

Special Shout out to Big Dog Steel for some awesome trophies again. 

If your interested in shooting a competition check out the Precision Rifle Series.