Tac Ops X-Ray 300WM User Review

Sniper's Hide Member LongRange Doc reviews his new Tac Ops X-Ray 300WM. After a weekend shooting in Colorado taking some Sniper's Hide private instruction, Long Range Doc gives you his thoughts on his new Tac Ops X-Ray. Shooting it from 300 yards to 1772 yards.

Sniper's Hide Member, Longrange Doc flew out to Colorado from the west coast to take part in some private shooting.  For this he brought out two rifles, an Accuracy International PSR with a 260REM barrel and 300WM barrel as well his new Tac Ops X-Ray 300WM.  When the weekend was over we recorded his views on the Tac Ops RIfle. 

Tac Ops rifles are often compared to high end custom 1911s. Mike R from Tac Ops puts that level of workmanship and details into this custom Remington 700.  Besides a great looking rifle, they are known shooters. This fact was demonstrated in vivid color when we took Doc's Rifle out to 1 Mile using just factory Federal 190gr Ammo.   Right out the box this rifle was a hammer.  From the prone, off a bipod, stone cold, Doc shot this impressivie 3 round group at 100 yards. 

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It's incredibly hard to shoot a magnum this well at 100 yards.  People talk about it all the time, the recoil causes a lot of shooters problems. None of these problems are seen in this Cold Bore group.   To build a rifle that accepts and shoots factory ammo this well, is a testament to the work Mike R and the guys at Tac Ops put into their rifles.  They are so good we have endless discussions on the merits of these claims but here they are, witnessed and on video. Quarter MOA Accuracy at 100 yards off a bipod and rear bag, on demand, with factory ammo. 

Tac Ops rifles are not cheap, and the wait can be long for a lot of people. But the question of, "are they worth it" is answered here.  Yes they are ... 

Fit, Finish, Accuracy, it's all there. 

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I will let Doc tell you above, but if you interested in one of the finest custom rifles built, give Mike R at Tac Ops a call.  Believe me you won't regret it. 

Tactical Operations 


Tac Ops X-Ray 

Chambered in 300 WinMag for the Federal Gold Medal Match 190gr Bullet 

Barrel Length: 26" 

Muzzle Velocity : 3035fps 

Distance Shot: 300 yards to 1772 yards 

Scope: S&B 5-25x 

Ballistic Computer: Field Firing Solutions 

Spotter: Zeiss Spotter 60