Sniper's Hide Reviews Prime Ammunition 260REM

Sniper's Hide reviews the Prime Ammunition factory 260REM. Loaded with a 130gr Norma Bullet, we take this ammunition out to 1225 yards

We take our Spartan Precision 260REM rifle, out to distance with the Prime Ammuntion factory 260REM load.

Sniper's Hide

Last month at the GAP Grind I met Jim from Prime Ammunition.  Figuring I might be 12 rounds short for the match Jim offered me up a box of the Prime 6.5CM Ammunition. As luck would have it, I was not short and he allowed me to take that 6.5 Creedmoor home to try out. 

When I was back in Colorado I immediately took the 6.5CM Ammo to the range to try it in my AI AX rifle that I used for the GAP Grind.  The results were nothing short of outstanding.  

Sniper's Hide

This was the 8 Shot Group shot using my AI AX rifle with an OTM 6.5CM Bartlein Barrel.  The numbers were equally impressive.

We chronographed this factory load at 2935fps with an SD of 11.2 which is outstanding for a factory ammo. 

With this in mind I immediately called up Jim and bought a case of 260REM to try and a case of 6.5CM to use.

260REM Factory Ammo 

Sniper's Hide

It's really hard to find good factory 260REM ammunition. Most of the offerings cost more than $40 a box, with some as much as $52 a box.  When it comes to 260REM the majority of shooters reload to save money.  Otherwise, the 260REM is a great performer. Here are Sniper's Hide we have been shooting it since 2001, doing an early project based on the 260 when Savage discontinued the 10-FP, we bought 5 of the rifles. The "Ghost Dancer" project was based around the 260  and was highly successful. 

That said, my AI AW 1.5 has a been a 260 for 8 years as well my AX shipped from Accuracy International with a 260REM barrel.  So the history is there.

When the Prime ammo arrived I was sure to hit the range as soon as possible.  Especially now that the Desert Tech TRASOL software was out, I could use that publicly to demonstrate the results. 

The first thing we did, after zeroing the Nightforce of course, was to grab the MagnetoSpeed and Chronograph a batch.   Initially, the results were pretty good, we had an average muzzle velocity of 2900fps and a Standard Deviation of 23.1. That was a bit high for me, especially when you consider the 6.5CM was 11.  A lot can go into that number, so it's important to take it out to distance and see what it shot like.  The 100 yard groups were very good, averaging 1/2MOA Accuracy.  I plugged in the MV and DA into my TRASOL Software on the iPhone and started out at 600 yards. 

Accuracy at 600 yards on steel was spot on, I could not ask for a better group, so back to the TRASOL and plug in 1225 yards.  This is gonna separate the good from the bad, so I made sure I put the Go Pro on the target in order to record the results. 

It was nothing short of amazing.  3 up, 3 on, with the groups just about 1/2 MOA at 1225 yards.  There was one shot that dropped a bit low, but honestly how you can not blame the mirage or the shooter ?  The video here speaks for itself. 

After shooting to 1225 yards I chronographed another box of the 260 and the results were pretty much the same.  The variation from box to box is quite small. 

Swiss Roots

Prime Ammunition is loaded by RUAG, and uses Norma Brass and the Norma 130gr bullet.  So we know that means quality.  If you looking to get started with the 260REM or don't have the time to reload you know have a cost effective option with really good brass.  People always ask why 260REM is so much more expensive than 6.5CM and the answer is brass.  That is what separates the two. 

Prime sells the 260REM for $34 a box and the 6.5CM is $24 a box. Quite a bit less than the competition for such great ammo.  I am fully sold on this stuff, as I would rather use factory ammo and then custom reload my empty brass. 

Visit Prime Ammuntion at their website and Shop Prime. If you talk to them, and most people who order get personalized responses, tell them Frank @Sniper's HIde sent you.