Sniper's Hide 5 Shot Friday Ep9 Ruger Upgrade Video

See the Ruger Precision Rifle after the upgrades on the firing line in this 5 Shot Friday Episode

Sniper's Hide

We upgraded the Ruger Precision Rifle this week with a lot of aftermarket parts. Basically we stripped it down to the action and changed out all the major components.

LongRifles Inc - K&P 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel 

Seekins Precision - Handguard & Ambi Safety 

Magpul - PRS Stock and MOE Grip 

LongRifles Inc, - Bolt Shroud 

See the video of the work here: 

The disassembly and reassembly of the rifle was super easy.  I did travel to Mile High Shooting to do the work and use their resources, but really all you need is a barrel vise and AR15 Armorers Wrench.  The biggest need for a gunsmith is the Go / No Go Gaugers for the 6.5CM.  Out of that, it's pretty easy process to change everything.

Taking the rifle to the range we will have a full review, but the preliminary tests from the changes are very positive. We saw sub 1/2 MOA Accuracy out of the Factory ammo we tested with the Prime 130gr 6.5CM ammo having a measured SD of 10fps which is outstanding.  This is the second time we have tested the Prime Ammo and the results previously were an SD of 11fps, so again, super stuff.

As usual we recorded all the details but look for a dedicated Ruger Precision Rifle upgrade Review after a second outing with the rifle.

Sniper's Hide

Accuracy from Factory Ammo 

Sniper's Hide

This completely changed the look and feel of the rifle for very little money.  In total if you were to expense this rifle out as you see it above we have less than $2400 invested in the entire package.  Do you need to go this far with the upgrades, no not at all. In fact aside from the $60 bolt shroud I would recommend changing the handguard to start and then move to the barrel as your experience grows.  Access to a custom made, aftermarket barrel gives the end user the ability to spec out length, contour, and caliber vs going with a factory offering. 

This is a great starter rifle, at $999, you have a lot of benefits you won't find in any other rifle. The 70 degree, 3 lug bolt. The ability to use multiple magazines, the 20MOA rail, as well as the folding stock.  All great stuff you won't find at this price point. 

Look for the full review coming soon...