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ATF 41P is Coming so Buy your Suppressor Now !

ATF 41P is coming, this will require both Trusts and Corporations to get Law Enforcement Approval before purchasing a Class 3 Item like a Suppressor. Stop ATF 41P and contact your representatives today.

Suppressors are not the evil things of Hollywood, they are not tools of assassins and hit men. In fact in Europe many ranges there require you to own and use a suppressor. It’s an over the counter item. It’s not controlled out of fear like it is here in the US. 

Sniper's Hide

I am huge proponent of using suppressors. They reduce recoil, they reduce the muzzle blast, and they suppress the sound of the gunshot to something more manageable and less damaging to our hearing. 

In the context of a precision rifle, with Supersonic Ammo you are still over 130 decibels. But that is about 30 decibels less than unsuppressed. 

There are lot of misconceptions around suppressors. From owning one to their availability. It’s really not that hard to get a suppressor, you just have to find a Class 3 dealer and then, let them walk you through the process. The wait times tend to fluctuate. When I got my first suppressor, it was 4 weeks, I have waited as long as 10 months, and now it has settled to around 4 months. Still, it’s more of a fill out and forget process. The forms are no harder than your typical 4473. 

All this is under attack, and we know it’s coming. Getting ready to strike the ATF has 41P ready to land in January 2016. 

One problem people encounter when trying to get a suppressor as an individual, is getting a democratic Chief Law Enforcement Officer who doesn’t understand suppressors refusing to sign off on the forms allowing you to buy one. It’s a requirement that the Sheriff or Police Chief approve this for individuals. If he doesn’t sign you don’t get it. The solution many have found is using a Trust. A family trust puts you in the same line as a corporation which does not need the same approval. Another benefit of the trust is, handing down Class 3 items to family members. The Johnson Family Trust can continue with it’s children so it is a one and done effort. You can pass the suppressors down without additional filings. 

The ATP is looking to close this for both Trusts and Corporations by putting that approval back in the hands of local Law Enforcement. Many of which they know are not supporters of you having a right to bear arms. Especially a suppressor. 

Contact your State Senators to Stop ATF 41P 

Read the Details at the Prince Law Firm Site 

Joshua Prince, of the Firearms Industry Consulting Group, has spearheaded opposition to ATF-41P. He published a Blog updating the latest on ATF-41P.

What Sniper’s Hide is saying, go out and get your suppressor now. Set up a Trust, stop into a dealer like Mile High Shooting Accessories here in Colorado and buy a suppressor. They have a huge blow out of SAS Suppressors at awesome prices so you can get this going. 

If you get your forms filed before the January date, the odds are very good you will be grandfathered in. Suppressor ownership has gone up tremendously over the past few years and people understand the benefits of using them. They make it so easy now, most dealers do 90% of the paperwork for you. Christmas is coming, so it’s perfect. 

Defeat and Defund ATF 41P, and at the very least, contact your representatives to voice your opposition to this order. 

Please forward this and let your friends know about ATF-41P and ask them to contact their congressmen. 

This amendment to the Budget is very important to us lawful gun owners. It includes a provision that prohibits the ATF from utilizing any of the appropriated money for implementing a rule requiring a Chief Law Enforcement Officer signature(e.g. ATF-41P).

Restoration of Gun Rights:
On an interesting side note, it also includes a provision providing for the funding of federal firearms relief, which has not been available since 1992. This lets anyone who is now a prohibited person, but has lead a trouble free life since becoming a prohibited person, attempt to restore their 2nd amendment rights.